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I thought the Rocky Horror episode was complete and utter crap ...


Rocky Horror isn't about how good you can sing, it's about the characters. And the only ones who actually did good on the character parts were Rachel/Emma (Janet) and Kurt (Riff Raff). Mercedes was absolutely AWFUL as Frankenfurter. I didn't care that they had a girl play the part, but the way she sang Sweet Transvestite ... had NONE of the attitude of the character. And they could say "Tranny" but they couldn't say "Transexual" and had to change the lyric to "Sensational"? What was up with that?


For me, my absolute least favorite Glee episode.

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I agree, I thought the episode was pretty awful this week.


I don't have a problem with a woman playing Frank, it's not a BAD idea, I have the problem with Mercedes playing it... It was just... awful.


It wasn't that bad until she trotted out to do that song, then it died for me. The Touch-A moment was class, Rachel and Finn do make a great Brad and Janet, but, they just seemed to miss the point of Frank totally. Which is a real shame.


Plus, their version of Time Warp really annoyed me as well. I know they want to be involved, but, Brad and Janet just wouldn't know the dance... They should have just been generic Transylvanians at that point if they HAD to be in it...


I dunno, it just annoyed me so much, they missed so much of what makes Rocky Horror what it is. But, I don't think I was ever going to like it - I'm too protective of Rocky Horror for that.

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I couldn't watch it. I haven't been a Glee fan anyway, but I heard they were doing Rocky and I thought maybe I'd give it a shot. But a friend of mine posted the Time Warp clip on facebook and I watched it and just cringed. The whole time I was going, "But Brad doesn't sing this song, Eddie is not in this song....," etc., etc. You can't add extra characters. I didn't watch the episode after all. And if they take such liberties with everything they do, I won't watch it ever.

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I don't get all the parent's bitching about the pictures in GQ this month.

The magazine is for men, and the girls are both 24, so what's the big deal? If your kid gets their hands on the magazine, look at your parenting skills.

It's no different than your kid's favorite singers posing in Maxim, GQ, or other men's magazines wearing next to (or sometimes) nothing.

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I couldn't agree more. I'm a die-hard RHPS fan, and you can't take that many liberties on such a great film! I watched the whole thing just to see how terrible it was, and it was worse than I had expected. Just to clarify, I'm sure the proposed remake with Marilyn Manson as Frank would have been better! I was correcting every little thing they did wrong too! It was just hands-down terrible. Also, Glee's main viewers are teenage girls. Very few teenage girls know about RHPS, so there were alot of jokes that they didn't understnad and such. Anyways, Glee just needs to continue sucking and covers of new songs and not make a fool of themselves by failing at a tribute to Rocky Horror.

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Considering the episode is being called "the best Glee yet" by critics, I really don't think they failed at anything in the episode.


If you go into the episode just to see how horrible it's going to be, chances are you're going to hate it no matter what they do. They had to take some liberties since it is a prime time show and can't go full Rocky Horror.

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I just watched it, and I really liked it. I saw Rocky Horror, once, when I was a freshman in college, and was not a fan, so maybe that's why I didn't take offense to the Glee treatment. I think if they did a faithful rendition, I would have hated it.


As a Glee episode, I thought it was great. Will desperately needed a come-to-Jesus moment about his pitiful chasing after Emma. Never been much of a John Stamos fan, either, but I really like his character in Glee.


Definitely ready for a hiatus from theme episodes, though!

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Hmmm I thought it was pretty obvious when they didn't include the other Jock that was always with him the second time, then they ended up in the locker room together? *smoootch* I still had my mouth gapping open that they actually went there though.


(Random aside, I'd totally make out with Max Adler, the actor who played the bully)


EDIT: The word filter brings a whole new meaning to my statement. lol *goo*

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New ep tonight!


And I am placing bets that Kurt will not last at the all-male school. Maybe not this episode, but later on next season. Regardless of his new 'relationship' (however they figure it out) with him and "the new friend".


I mean - all wearing the same uniform??? How un-Kurt is that, lol?


And honestly? He won't "stick out" like he's supposed to (as he does) with his home club. Simple.

So I also bet Kurt will sneakily sabotage "uniform protocol" here and there, sometimes getting away with it,

and other times, not. But still...


If he lasts till Regionals w/o coming on home first, I'll be surprised.

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I just want to interject how much I still love this show.


The Warblers version of "teenage dream" made me like the song again, even though it was totally overplayed. Also - I just love the plot swerves and curves this season.


I did think the Sue marrying herself storyline to be a bit odd - but Carol Burnette made up for everything!!!



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