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Stratosphere's New 'Ride'

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This week the staff of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Nevada have been told that construction on the newest ride for Stratosphere will begin this month.


This new 'ride' will join the few across the globe with ones in New Zealand and in Asia. It is the 'sky jump' type ride with a free fall experience off the edge of the building before slowly landing on the target at the base of the tower.


Staff has not been given an opening date for the new attraction yet.


Check out the New Zealand Sky Jump here: http://www.skyjump.co.nz/


TPR Jumps!


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Looks interesting if it is indeed true. The only question I have is how are people supposed to get back up to the top of the tower? Once they are back down at ground level do they have to stay, or can they take the obnoxiously long walk back down the elevators?

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I think I'd probably do the skywalk thing, if they were going to have one (which I guess they aren't). Might not try the sky jump thing though if I was there, I'm too paranoid about the safety of that sort of thing. I don't trust other humans enough to strap me in properly.

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So you freefall while attached to a cable, but how will you slow down when you get to the base of the tower? Will there be a catch net or something? I'd do it, but it probably be very expensive.

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This sounds like it'll be worth driving out to Vegas for. I've always thought they needed something that would drop you off the tower, although I do wish it was the original coaster design instead. I'll take what I can get though. It should be an incredible experience... hopefully it really gets made.

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