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Everyday Objects

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Oh god. I dont need anything to remind me of them. Theyre just always in my head. Gahh. So distracting at school.


I'm with ya there, I'm having the same problem. I think it's just going too far for me. I'm researching rollercoasters day in, day out, first word that comes to mind whenever I go to google is like "coaster" or "amusement ride" etc.


As for someone mentioned driving on a road, there's this hill near where I live that's got afew pops of airtime.


Riddiculous as it sounds, even a "drink coaster" reminds me of them!


Last few times I flew on a plane, when they said "flight attendants please prepare for takeoff/landing", I'd start laughing quietly to myself! Why? Because first, it reminds me of rollercoaster spiels... Second, the flight attendants seats look like rollercoaster seats! Don't they?


~ Jess "please prepare for takeoff" Chan

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Elevators that have long-haul drop segments (High-rise hotels) Immediatly start cranking out images of Tower of Terror for me in my head- but also The wires from my Laptop (Strange inversions which would KILLER), Dolly Parton (Something about 'twin inversions') Pope's Head road (Burke, VA)- which is a winding, twisting ride through the woods with lots of bunny hops and a few VERY steep and QUITE Terrifying blind drops and curves. (NOTE TO READERS: DO NOY TRY THIS AT HOME!)-

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Playing Sonic The Hedgehog games! I have the a lot of the original Sonic games, and those games have massive hills, loops and even corkscrews!


Haha yeah!! I used to play those games alot and think the exact same thing!! I always thought it'd be cool to have a Sonic The Hedgehog themed roller coaster someplace! Lame I know!


Everyday objects that remind me of roller coasters are hoses, wires and paper clips. I always find myself twisting paper clips into inversions. Also driving winding mountain roads with tons of hairpin turns remind me of wild mouse coasters.

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Today, when riding my longboard to work, the first thought that came to mind was the sound of my wheels hitting the evenly spaced lines on the sidewalk. The quiet click-click noise sounded much like a wood coaster pulling out of the station, while the standing up and riding, leaning to turn, felt like I was pulling out of Vortex's (Standup coaster) station.


The other day at work, I was messing around with those safety lock rings you find on bottled drinks and twisted it around. It held a shape of a boomerang element found on boomerang/invertigo coasters.

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^ Yeah, I see them every time I go to Cedar Point. I remember when they were building them, that's the first thing I thought too!


Here at school there is this smoke stack and huge building. It's used to heat the entire campus by way of coal. Anyway, every once and a while when I'm walking by, it lets out air and doing that sounds EXACTLY like Top Thrill Dragster (or any Intamin rocket with a hydraulic launch, for that matter) when the magnetic brakes are lowered/raised. I smile every time I hear it.

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Road signs on the interstate or expressway or any major road are held up by what look like all forms of Intamin's tracks. Like the 4-rail box, the 3-rail triangle, and then 2 rails.


The song we're singing in chorus was arranged by a guy who does the music for Six Flags shows.


Those are all I can think of right now.

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Just remembered some more!


- Learning about parabolas in math class! They look like the TTD and KK tower.


- My little cousin Playing with his Hot Wheels tracks. He's been obsessed with that thing for along time and that has led my aunt into taking him on a real upside down rollercoaster for the first time last year summer (he's 8)


- Pulling a suitcase along a sidewalk. It sounds like a lift chain.


- Winding up wind-up toys, they also sound like lift chains.


- Chairlifts. They remind me of inverts.

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There is a huge hill in my town that has several dips in it. It ends up being a quadruple-down and if you go fast enough you can get some airtime.


Also when I'm dragging chairs across the deck of the club I work at, it makes a clicking noise that sounds like a wooden coaster lift chain.

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As of lately: Cash 4 Gold shops...Anything with the word 'gold' in it...Why? I immediately think of Gold Striker

Also when riding my bike I'm often guilty of smoothly braking much like a coaster, or do 'trim brakes' to tone my speed down a bit.


Lastly, several yoyo tricks make me think of coaster elements/inversions. One called Gyroscopic Flop, where the yoyo does a full sideways rotation while sleeping makes me think of a barrel roll, or S:UF at SFDK.

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Entenmann's products because it sounds like Intamin.


Dry cleaner's moving rack.


BART Trains... or any kind of train for that matter.


Buildings that have been recreated at parks (Many in San Francisco are present at Disney and Universal Parks, also Legoland's Mini-Land)


My alarm on my phone because it's the on-board song from California Screamin'


Shopping Carts at grocery stores because when I was little I pretended they were the jeeps from Indiana Jones and would swerve them out of the way just before I ran into things will whistling the theme song.

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Boring lecture + Pencil in my hand = My own miniature roller coaster coasting along invisible tracks over my desk (pens with clips make good inverted coasters )


The arm rests on the pews at my church have a double up.


In my old neighborhood, there are massive power line towers that look like GIB tower supports.


The racks inside the dish washer.


Every time the brake release on the subway hisses, I like to imagine that the train is going to launch.

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