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Photo TR: Six Flags over Georgia ft. Wheelie

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Good TR, a couple of points...


1. Have you kept your bitches locked up since the '80's or do they just enjoy dressing like retards? Liking the co-ordination though!


2. The script should have been proof read, there are far to many words ending in "S" for the narrator to pronounce. The narration would also benefit if it was done in a very authentic British accent. [geek=TPDave]The force is a centripetal one, not centrifugal[/geek].

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If you enjoy enterprises, you should come to Carowinds. We have one of the few enterprises built by Intamin. It's a lot of fun. The Wheelie seems to go very slow when tilting upwards and coming back down, does that give a better ride than ones that tilt up and down more quickly? Anyways, nice TR. I should be going down with a couple of friends soon, and then I can experience this really awesome looking enterprise!

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I think I can speak for my brother and say that he really only likes Mindbender as I'm the same way. The other coasters there are all very mediocre, yet Mindbender is a very fun and enjoyable coaster that has better airtime than Goliath and is also more intense.




EDIT: Posted too late...we think alike.

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While I am extremely confused over the whole Tyler-Ty-Thai thing, what I really think we need to focus on is that carousel. Seriously. Is that a nipple?? I mean, I have seen rides, statues and things from some of the European parks that were a little risque, (and usually Terrance is in the picture doing something unspeakable) but in GEORGIA?? REALLY????



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Nice TR, but needs more wheelie pics, IMO



And as far as you only liking Mindbender....I believe you. Mindbender is one of THE best (and most slept on) coaster at Six Flags. (My second favorite ride, behind Goliath, of course) Very very fun coaster.

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There are 131 reasons why I changed my name to Ty. I'm much smarter than it may appear!

You were getting confused with Bonnie Tyler, Liv Tyler, and Mary Tyler Moore a little too frequently?


Actually I like the switch to Ty. It then frees up the opportunity for the name Tyler Durden to remain cool. Now, in my mind, you'll be more closely associated with Ty Pennington and Beanie Babies.

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^ I just did that.


Weren't Enterprises built by Schwarzkopf? I remember the one at SFMM having the Schwarzkopf logo on each of the cars, just like on the Revolution trains at one time.



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