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Have you ever seen a celebrity at a theme park?

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Sadly, no. I think the closest I've been to 'seeing a celebrity' at all is watching Air Force One take off from Lambert - St. Louis International Airport with.... I THINK Sarah Palin in it.


EDIT: I just remembered, I saw Jadagrace (from Terminator Salvation) on Thrill Shot, and we talked with her and her family while we were in line. We saw her on Terminator Salvation: The Ride Media Day.

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When I was in grade school, I went to Kings Island with my family and Gloria Estefan was performing that night. We saw her walking through the park early in the day. I remember she had on really cool sunglasses.


Later that night, when they were performing, you could hear the show while we were in line for Racer. One of the ride ops was singing along and they were doing call and response during one of the songs. "Oh way oh way" "Oh way oohhhh eyeeeee" It was so fun singing while getting on the ride.


We could see the show from the ferris wheel too!

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Many years back, I saw most of the tennis guys (Becker & Agassi come to mind) at KI when the ATP was in town. When I was younger, we had passes to Opryland, so I saw many country stars walking around (Lorrie Morgan, Clint Black I remember). At Universal I've seen Ellen (but she was taping a show, so it wasn't a normal sighting). I saw Ted Nugent at Downtown Disney in June, he was playing at the House of Blues that night. On the same trip, I also saw a bunch of basketball players at Downtown Disney. Also saw Juan Howard at Hollywood Studios. I wondered what they all were doing there, then found out the summer camp started a few days later.

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I saw some people from some MTV show. I have no clue who they were but everyone knew who they were waiting in line...

Heres some photos of them...

I heard they are from making the band maybe?


Anyways that was back in 2008 while I was waiting in line for Raging Bull. I dont think I really saw or met anyone else famous at SFGAm, but I remember a long time ago I saw someone famous at Disneyland, but its very vague to me since it was about 10 years ago (I was 9) and I was sick that day. There might have been some other famous person at SFGAm too (this year) as there was a camera person recording inside Superman's station (But that could have seriously been for anything).

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"If you wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man" Whew!!" Saw Rick Flair on Space Mountain.


I saw Mr T almost fall off Der Stuka


And like 5 years ago I ran in to the Alveys at Islands of Adventure. I was with my nieces and only spoke to Robb for long enough to tell him I loved and appreciated this site. I only saw Elissa from behind and might have checked out her butt.

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