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  1. I really like these pictures because they feel like they were taken by someone actually walking around the park. So often I feel that the photos around here look/feel more like brochure photos, while yours really capture the park as it is to a person on the ground.
  2. Not convinced those are pieces of the ride. If you go to Bing maps birds eye view, you can see the same parts near Mind Eraser. Pretty sure those have been there for years, whatever they are. EDIT: Parts are to the right of the ride. EDIT the 2nd: Pretty sure those are off-season storage for Mind Eraser trains.
  3. Just uploaded mine. Didn't go all out on the scenery on this one. Just wanted to get the track done, since I started late. http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2288 SCR10.BMP SCR11.BMP SCR12.BMP
  4. Not long after I took over operations of the park, Prince Desmond called me and gave me an address. It was a huge warehouse. He took me inside, and strewn about were various coaster parts. Most looked to be Arrow, many stacks of lumber, and a pile of Schwarzkopf track. He then proceeded to tell me what it all was..... "The orange and black track, it's a Bat from the Island of Kings!" "The wood, it came from a Hurricane!" "Then ones of blue, black and red, those came from many places, I'm not sure how they go together, but you can figure it out, I'm sure" "The blue and green, along with the white, were made of lightning!" "The blue and yellow, I'm told, came from a large snake!" He then told me that these NEEDED to go along side Teh Big Dipper, where they can live once again. Desmond gave me no blueprints, just some old photos to work from. Teh Bat was fairly easy, as all the parts were there. Python was simple as well. The wood had to be brought in with a fleet of pickup trucks to the park, some from Florida. The Schwarzkopf parts were from two shuttle loops. One was whole. The other was just a loop, so I merged the two rides. As I strolled trough the remaining Arrow parts, I start to figure it out. The first drop/inversion of Drachen Fire, the boomerang of The Great American Scream Machine, assorted parts from the Steel Phantom, the interlocking loops of The Orient Express and the corkscrews of Shockwave. Desmond had been saving more than just Teh Big Dipper. This would not be easy. Vintage Gardens in Game ExchangeDesmond has saved more than just teh Big Dipper....... Get it here: http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2214 SCR1.BMP SCR2.BMP Teh Bat from the Island of Kings!!!11one1! SCR3.BMP The Dania Beach Hurricane rides again! SCR4.BMP Had trouble funding the park, had to lease some land to a traveling fair. They didn't take good care of the property. SCR5.BMP Broken Arrow, the merging of several thought to be lost rides. SCR6.BMP Python, an Arrow shuttle, thrills riders again. SCR7.BMP Greased White Lightnin', two classics, now as one! SCR8.BMP The fair. Wanted to kick them out, but they brought in too much money.
  5. I think the word you're looking for is "verboten", which means forbidden. Forboten isn't a word in German. EDIT: OP fixed his post, nothing to see here, move along folks.....
  6. Are we allowed to relocate the existing coasters to elsewhere in the park, other than Teh Big Dipper?
  7. Keep in mind that the topography the ride was originally on is likely a bit different than what it's on now. Cheaper to make tall footers than buy taller supports, I'd think.
  8. Well, I suppose I'll crack and give this thing a try. 7:30 to go.....
  9. Chances are I'm heading to BGT for the first time sometime during the first week of November while visiting some friends in FL. Any tips about the park I should know?
  10. This was obviously done in two shots and only the audio from the first was used. The speed looks right, judging from the other non-official test video we saw before.
  11. Some member of N'sync back in 2001 at Hersheypark on Lightning Racer.
  12. On the B&Ms it's not the waist you need to worry about as much as it is the gut and shoulders. I have two larger friends of similar weight, but shaped quite differently. One is usually fine on B&M rides, but not Intamin (smaller chest/gut, larger waist [48"-50"], can't buckle the belt), and the other is the opposite, can't do B&Ms (larger chest stops the restraint from going down enough), but somehow can get on every Intamin he's tried so far. Both can ride the flyers just fine though, so Manta is probably of less concern.
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