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  1. That line is coming from FastPass. That happens when ever a ride breaks down and has to stop operation. All the fast passes that didn't get used during the down time are still valid for use when it re-opens. I'd bet that's what were seeing here, as Space Mountain is one of the rides that does this on almost a daily basis. There was no down time that day and I didn't think to take a picture until half way through it. It went all the way back to astro orbiter. Thunder mountain was backed up to the bridge. Toy story was backed up to marina (whatever it is now). The safari was backed up to t
  2. So last year, we stood in line for my son to get Ray Parks autograph and ended up getting the 1st standby. Stood in line again when time and the last 5 people took 20 minutes and we didn't get in. I'm trying to remember when we got in line. It seems like we got up extremely early, but don't recall. Anyone have any idea when we need to get there tomorrow? Also, it's unclear on how they are doing Ashley Eckstein and James Arnold Taylor this year. Are they bracelets this year, or just stand in line and hope you make it?
  3. ToT should have been in the maybe section and probably moved to the must do when my wife gets the list. It was more of a time thing for me. I added Pooh because it's our 4 year old favorite ride, so we normally ride it 20 times in WDW. I thought Monster Inc was a photo op for some reason, I'll add it. We'll use singler rider as much as possible.
  4. It sounds like I'll try to get showpasses for the 9:00 WOC, but may skip it if time is an issue. We will definitely hit Fantasmic as it's our favorite "show" of WDW and I want to see the dragon. Grizzly will most likely be skipped due to being in DCA first. Being a water ride, I know my wife won't want to walk the rest of the day wet. I've read it's similar to Kali River Rapids and you definitely get soaked on it. I'm good with spinning like TSM or Dumbo. It's fast spinning like tea cups and dinowhirl that get me. I'll try to hit Roger Rabbit from the description. It sounds
  5. In #1 & #2, you have 4 fast passes on entering parks. Are the 2 parks not linked? I assume showpass is different than fastpass? My thought is to skip any "doubles" that aren't main attractions (mountains, pirates, etc). We can even skip Splash if it's the same as my wife doesn't really like water rides. If the Monorail is 20 minutes, we'll probably skip it unless we are doing great on time. I should also mention I don't do spinning rides. Not sure if it applies other than the tea cups, but I don't do well on those. Fantasmic is at 9:00 and 10:30 that night and World of Color
  6. Thanks. I thought I had notifications of new replies to this post, but apparently didn't. I think Indy is closed. Are Muppet Vision and Tough to be a bug different than what's in WDW? We've seen both of those numerous times in WDW and figured time would be better spent on new or different attractions. Don't recall seeing Grizzly, I'll look into it also. Also forgot to mention Fantasmic. We'd love to see that if it can be fit into the schedule.
  7. Now that it's closer, I have more information on our visit so hopefully get some more insight. We are flying in on Sunday Oct 7th and should be able to get to the park by noon. Disneyland is open until midnight and DCA is open until 11pm. Is it too extreme to try and hit both parks? I don't know anything about crowd levels for either park during this time of year or on Sundays. Being a "WDW expert", it makes me nervous to know little or nothing about these parks. Should we attempt both parks or just stick with DL? Is there a strategy you'd recommend on when to go where and how? Rides
  8. Tried to search through the topic, but 415 pages is hard to take in. My wife and I are going to be in LA on our way to our second honeymoon. Since we went to Disney World the first time, I thought it would be great if we could visit Disneyland on our 15th anniversary. I made our layover as long as I could, but it's really only one night. We arrive around 10:20am at LAX, so I assume we can't make it to the park until noon at the earliest. We fly out the next morning, so we have 9 or so hours to get what we can done. I don't want it to be stressful, so what plan should we use on the rides?
  9. Wooohooo, here come more dinosaurs!!! Hopefully I'm wrong, but don't see another coaster coming for a while.
  10. Hopefully that wasn't directed at me as I agreed with you and geared my posts to be about Guest Services. To clarify my last post to Swimace, it was more geared to "customer service" in general. I used the CM term to give it more relevance. It's seems some people's tolerance and comprehension stops when they get OUT of the parks. That conversation isn't going anywhere either so I'll drop it too.
  11. If that is your actual mentality before you walk into guest services, I can see why the outcome wasn't to your liking. -chris "wonders why anyone would like to "smack around" a cast member while they are visiting "the happiest place on earth""connolly Way to take things way too literally. I should have put about 20 smilies in the post, cause if I don't, I get this. I know the CM sitting in guest services has no control over what another CM does in Tomorrowland. I've never even asked for a "freebie" unless you count being stuck on a ride for over 2 hours and asking for a FP
  12. Believe me, I know you have to go in there with a smile on and your best foot forward even though you want to drag them over the counter and smack em around. Not sure they could pay me enough to take a job in that field. My guess is that I got them after they dealt with an extremely unpleasant visitor, but that shouldn't be my problem.
  13. That's because our group is filled with intelligent, sensible people. This is what makes TPR different from all of those other boards. The only valid argument I see here against the change is that some people might miss a fast pass time due to a fault by Disney (slow restaurant service, ride breakdown, incorrect queue time). If any of those things happen to a guest and they don't get consideration from front line cast members then all they have to do is walk over to guest services and they'll get on the ride. Case closed. This actually made me laugh out loud and spit Coke on my monit
  14. I think people are reading more into posts that what is meant, or maybe I am. There are many ways to work the system, not just with FP. See the queue fill up after fireworks? Go DURING them. Have a FP that's 5 hours from now (Toy Story anyone?), ride less crowded rides until you can get another one. Using the DHS example, Star Wars never seems to get over 40 minutes and Muppets can fit 4 meeelion people. Also, let the kids play. Kids have too much energy needing to expelled that can't be done standing in line all day. They seem to love the Honey I shrunk the kids area. Finally, take a
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