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Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

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From the CLP Facebook page:


Test runs of the coaster have begun.  IF ALL GOES WELL, the Blue Streak will be open to the public this Thursday at 4:00 through the weekend (regular ride area hours posted on the left side of this page, plus Monday for the holiday).  There will be a $3 per person, per ride fee.  This is separate from the ride band/season pass. Remember, the campaign to complete the project was launched at $125,000; opening is just one of the phases.  Donations and the $50,000 from Pepsi unfortunately will not reach that goal. We will issue another announcement here when we have more specifics on the opening.  Please do not call the office for that update.    Please remember to vote one more time.  Thank you all for your tremendous support.  When you see the Blue Streak running, you'll know that you helped make it happen.
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This is great news-- how wonderful for the park and local community. Even though after my organization's failed effortin June I never wanted to hear the words "Pepsi" and "Refresh" in the same sentence again, I've been voting often throughout July and August for this cause. I'm amazed and impressed it's been able to beat out the others and stay on top for so long. Looking forward to seeing some P:TRs after this does open!

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I didn't bother to read all nineteen pages, but really? Reopening some random roller coaster is more important than building a playground for special needs children, or any of the other great causes listed? That's just pathetic.



Maybe not, but creating jobs for a very depressed area of the country is important.

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While re-opening a coaster isn't that great of a cause by itself, it's impact will have the potential to do a lot of good for the area - hopefully.


Besides, most of the causes in the $50,000 were no more altruistic than the Blue Streak project. While I'd have rather seen the money go to real charities that do real good, I don't think the Blue Streak winning this competition is going to snub anything truly reputable from getting funds. Honestly, a lot of the ideas sound like thinly veiled scams to win money...


Edit* Although, now that I look back through the leaders, it looks like a lot of good ideas did float to the top... but I still say the Blue Streak project has the potential to be worth it. I just hope the Board uses this to do a lot of good for the community.

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The Blue Streak is rolling again. Great news! I was just there last week and saw first-hand the work that's being done on this historic ride. Along with the wonderful Lakeside Cyclone, this is the only remaining Ed Vettel coaster. It deserves to be operating and entertaining Conneaut guests (and drawing $$ to the region) as it did for so many seasons.


Though the track is not being rebuilt to the exact Vettel specs, it will allow the ride to operate, which is the point. I've attached a few pics to illustrate the differences.


I didn't get to ride the BS during my visit ** but did the Tumble Bug, Flying Scooter, Sky Diver, Tilt-a-Whirl, Tempest and train were all up and running well. It was great to see so many people queued up to purchase ride wristbands. Hopefully, the Blue Streak's rebirth will help return this classic park to its former glory. We've lost too many of these hallowed places; this one needs to be saved. I applaud the efforts of all those involved in making this happen.


– Scott


** I have ridden Blue Streak many, many times. It is an amazing, intense ride. Back seat rides were among the most ... challenging in my riding experience. I hope to do it again in near future


Original Blue Streak track


Current rebuilt Blue Streak track

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Two things worth mentioning.


1) Some other competitors in this competition might try to pull out a bunch of votes last minute (especially if they're in 2nd place). Keep voting, no matter what place. This happens with track runners a lot. In the last 10 meters they let up and end up losing because of that. The person in 2nd will try whatever it takes to get 1st.


2) I think the ride's operation this weekend depends on whether or not they receive this $50,000 award. I really want to ride this coaster this weekend, so let's keep voting!!

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^The $50,000 will have no bearing on the ride opening this weekend.


It is an amazing, intense ride. Back seat rides were among the most ... challenging in my riding experience. I hope to do it again in near future


Agreed the only wooden coaster I was ever had to pull my arms down for fear of flying out of the car.

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I don't think I've ever seen track ties that go THROUGH the track, or else I've just never noticed this on any other wooden coasters I've ridden. Is this unique construction on the new track or has it been done on other woodies?


This was Vettel's unique "sandwich-style" track. He used this on the Blue Streak, Lakeside Cyclone and Pontchartrain Zephyr.

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