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  1. Kings Island has extra queues, leftover from the former Gold Pass Speed Pass, for: -Boo Blasters on Boo Hill -Race for Your Life Charlie Brown (log flume) -Drop Tower -Delirium -Backlot Stunt Coaster The Beast also had one, but the queue has been heavily modified since then and operating with a quick queue would no longer work. I imagine that queues could easily be established for a couple other rides too, like Diamondback (single rider line).
  2. In all honesty, I'm rather disappointed with the updated plans. I was rather excited and intrigued by the old ones, while these new ones seem as if they were simply made to please the Disney fanboys who complained about "too much princess". My reasoning... -Toontown appears to have been moved from "being demolished" to "being remodeled". The new overview shows the large, tacky circus tents are remaining- a major disappointment. Especially when you consider how nice and charming the planned Pixie Hollow would've looked. -It seems like most everybody here is excited for the new area, but you're all forgetting something- it'll be in Fantasyland. Therefore, it'll have a very low minimum height requirement. Meaning it won't be the thrill-ride some of you are hoping for, but instead it'll probably be more tame than the Barnstormer. Plus, I'm curious about its capacity. -I don't care too much about the removal of the current Snow White ride, but I'm not too big a fan of the "Princess Fairytale Hall". Cinderella, Aurora and all the other princesses were never together in the movies- in fact, they're from different countries and time periods. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to have them together in a theme park. Although that's just some nitpicking right there. -Finally, when a little girl visits Disney, what's the most memorable thing for her? Meeting her favorite Disney princess. The Cinderella and Aurora meet-and-greets were going to take this to a new level and allow the girl to dance with them, or make a birthday card for them, or whatever. This would've proved much more memorable than a picture, autograph and brief conversation. It seems as though they'll be sticking with the over-used, traditional meet-and-greet now though instead. Just my opinion on it all. I'm sure the new coaster will be entertaining, and I enjoy the retheme of Barnstormer, but I'm not too big a fan of the other changes.
  3. What about Invertigo? And Adventure Express was also one train too, although that's acceptable- Express still has great solo train operation, while Firehawk is already pathetic enough with two. Sounds like a fun time, thanks for sharing the pictures.
  4. I didn't bother to read all nineteen pages, but really? Reopening some random roller coaster is more important than building a playground for special needs children, or any of the other great causes listed? That's just pathetic.
  5. Excellent pictures and captions- I really enjoyed reading. A tad off-subject, but have they bothered to repaint the Whoville set since it's initial construction? If it appears in public eyes, it should be given the same treatment as any other building or ride in the park- occasional touch-ups that keep it looking nice.
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