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Hansa Park Discussion Thread

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Do we know if guests will be allowed to walk underneath this part of the ride at all or is it all going to be secure ride area?

Most of that area will be water.


Quick Photoshop:



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They are progressing well



They finished the first support structure for the heart shaped element...


The second overbanked turn after the heart shaped element and a crazy shaped airtime hill...


...from the other direction


Another perspective of this crazy support structure....


Zoomed in...



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Wow that support structure is bigger than I was expecting. To me it actually distracts from the size of the castle and makes it less impressive/intimidating.


It will for sure be interesting to see how it will look like with track in place. Its not excactly pretty at the moment IMO, but since its still a construction zone I will reserve final judgement until its actually completed. Either way I'm sure the ride experience itself will be great.

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Consider yourself lucky, OCEM just released an exclusive 3D look at the layout!




That is the layout of a hypercoaster!? Interesting!


Really cool pics, how fast is that thing gunna fly around that track??

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It's gonna have a maximum speed of 127 kilometers per hour.


Hopefully with that sort of speed it should produce a nice amount of airtime over the low hills. I wonder how comfortable the vertical lift will be, I personally never found Eurofighters lifts super comfortable to go up. At least with this one you won't get the sun in your eyes on a nice day.

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Wow those are some awesome pictures, and that is helluva speed it'll carry through it.

This is opening this year right?


Potential darkhorse for best new coaster of the year!?

Well maybe a stretch but that really looks amazing.

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