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The "Preview" Thread

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Hi all. I've started work on my new RCT2 project and thought I would get some feedback from the TPR Community.


My new park is Birchmere Park

Park Entrance 30-9-10 2_edited-1.bmp

Birchmere Park's entrance area

Buffalo Entrance 30-9-10.BMP

The queue line for Birchmere Park's first coaster, Buffalo.

Buffalo Overview 30-9-10.BMP

The overview of Buffalo so far.

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That is one very nice custom ride Blah!, and welcome to TPR! Your name is very familiar for some reason, NE maybe? Anyway it looks like it will be a great addition to your park Coupon.

Thanks for the welcome! , I just made it because I wanted to add atleast something to Coupon's park.


Oh, ok... That looks nice Blah. I thought Coupon made it, because he posted it on NE, but that looks well-done. Did you get your inspiration from Six Flags Carolina?

Coupon posted it on NE because I am to lazy to make a account there. The only part of the frisbee that I think looks like SFC's are the legs. I liked the legs where they were because you can see the middle part of the frisbee, unlike the older custom frisbee where you cant see the middle.

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Just thought I'd show a station I've been working a little bit on. The coaster itself is not worth posting right now but it'll be displayed soon




Thought I would move this here since no one has commented on it.


Reviar, You're improving A LOT I must occur. The bracing just seems undersupported though, but I like it.




Well, Instead of flooding my thread, I have updated the Power Tower:



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