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The "Preview" Thread

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^ Looks nice but you may want to try and let some guest in (if the park is going to have them). Sometimes having such wide paths before the park gates can cause problems. So plop down a few ride and open the park and see what happens then close everything and watch them leave is all is good continue. If not, remove some of the paths and try again.

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^^ Think it needs a few bushes mixed in with those trees, congrats on using 3 types of trees that are hardly ever used and using them very well. I have mixed feeling about the small fountain also but I also have mixed feeling about the how white the other fountain looks. The entrance building itself is GREAT!, Very tropical.

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Ryan that is absolutely mind blowing.. But why not go for a more permanent type entrance.. Even if the theme is tropical that doesn't look like a refined entrance. Although I love how it looks. And it's also in the corner. And as for that fountain use teal/aqua color for those water effects.. White is just too hard on the eye

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North County Times


We have just recived word that Skpier Amusement Park's final construction hurdle has been jumped and the ride construction will begin any day now. We are told the total cost of this project is a grand total of 35 Million Dollars and is set to open next summer. The intial foundations have been laid, and the peir will finish structural support next month. After, the rides and attractions will begin to be built including three roller coasters:


West Coast Cyclone: A crazy out of control wooden roller coaster near the pier's entrance


Mine 49: A mine themed roller coaster


Sky Fly: The park's biggest coaster which will feature high thrills and many inversions!


Also a highly themed Ghostblasters Darkride from Sally Corp has been announced that will feature rotating cars


I will see you all next summer when Sky Pier Opens for business!


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I actually liked the previous one better. The Rooftop is really awesome though! That pathing isn't just doing it for me.. It blends in way too much. And the yellow windows at the bottom change it to black so it'll match. Variety is good but sometimes consistency is too.

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Hey guys...two brans spanking new projects I am working on. The first is a boulder dash inspired terrain coaster with a little help from Dmaxsba. Th e coaster is just a little design, not for ne, but just something for fun.


My second project isa a new NCSO park called Sycamore Bay! It is a (currently) family owned park in Northern California!




Drop with small lake below!


High speed turnaround...through the TREES!


Here is the classic Thunderbolt Bobs... it is a CCI design inspired by classic coasters.


A good idea of the classic layout. Somee major airtime to be had!


Lakeside District. This is clearly a major work in progress and in the following days/weeks when I update everything will look much nicer. There will also be another family oriented land added before this gets its own thread!

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