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The "Preview" Thread

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^ Love the way you go all out with these maps!


the ghost, The coaster looks great, good job with land movement, trees and water placement, Your off to a good start with your new NCS park. Hope you get a topic started for it soon.


10ryan, I like the this entrance just a little better than the other one. They will work very well together.

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Local News:

We're glad to announce we've come to an agreement with GCI to design and build a wooden coaster for us in the park. It is to become a thrillmachine out of this town - or should I say world? - with it beeing fastpaced and for the whole family! With the progress the last few weeks we can show you one of the designs brought too us.


Also, the now shortend JetStar 2 we bought and altered have finally been put into place, right next to our selected area for a midway!

-Press release interview with one of the park owners.



First GCI draft contestant


The small JetStar based coaster

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nin, your work is a perfect as ever!

Is that a Goliath train on wooden track? Were you going for the longer train or just something different?, I am working on a 6 seater wooden coaster that will have 5 cars instead of the games limit of 4 if your interested? It has to be built on Goliaths track and then switched over to wood via 8cars. The 4 car limit is hard coded into the game with the wooden coaster and is impossible to get around but putting it on the Goliath track works. Might even be able to get 6 cars, the last car will always be empty though. There are no animation slots for guests for the 6th car.


Fat-G, the park is really coming along, look forward to when you open a topic for it. Are those WW/TT items I see, or are they converted items? I am still working on trying to find models to make your request. There is a problem though you may not have realized. I will send you an explanation and a possible solution to what you want done in a day or so. I need to try a few more options.


Thanks for your patience.

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Here is just a little NCS park I made the other day with no *trainers. I really like this little diorama.

It is really old school RCT2, so simple a caveman can do it. I made it to show how nice a simple coaster can be when surrounded by simple scenery and a few other rides. Thought I would really put it out here so if there are any other coaster builders around who would like to give it a try and really showcase their work. If you would like to have the work bench for this diorama you can get it HERE. It uses no custom rides or scenery and no WW/TT either. Just plain old RCT2. Most if not all coaster types are available and a great selection of regular scenry has also been placed into it. The objective has been set to HAVE FUN and there is no money involved. The guests are all average so they will ride anything, big or small. It can be loaded back into the editor at any time to add and remove rides and scenery if needed, you will lose the HAVE FUN objective though unless you use TRG trainer to get it back.


Anyway if you want to see just how much NCS you shove into and around a couple Heartline Twister coasters the download for it is a few paragraphs below the work bench. Just use the "HERE" link above.


*8cars trainer was used on the coasters to enable block brakes.

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