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  1. UPDATE TIME!!! SCR116.bmp Openning day was crazy but it was excitiing. SCR118.bmp Although I was the first one to ride it with some other people like coupon,kumba,10ryansmith,griffy,and droto, but that all the people I seen from TPR. SCR138.bmp SCR140.bmp SCR141.bmp The store was giving out free shirts for the first 10 people who rode it and I was one of them. SCR132.bmp Althought some lines was short except for Congo Rapids it was maybe the longest line I every seen for it but while I was having fun and I seen the Turbo Racers being tore down but I really figure the water park wouldn't make it at all. SCR129.bmp SCR126.bmp P.S this one always is short. SCR133.bmp SCR134.bmp SCR131.bmp But Scream Fall car was gone for some reason today. SCR127.bmp Sad picture right. SCR137.bmp SCR145.bmp An overview. SCR142.bmp Last photo of this update.
  2. Kentucky Cove will be open again, but with no water park although with a brand new roller coaster which the manufacturer is Premier Rides and that just an hint for you guys. SCR102.bmp Construction began on the new coaster called Volcano Twist and it will be open for the 06 season. SCR103.bmp The only thing that they got done was the layout and the volcano also as you can see the fire effect was also working but they got way more to go before it opens in 2006. SCR104.bmp SCR107.bmp When I was there I ask if they could test it and they said yes and also they needed to see if the fire effect goes off when the coaster shoots out of the volcano and it shoots out when the car passes it, but the people don't see the metal pieces just flames only. SCR105.bmp Last photo of this update. SCR113.bmp When I came back the next day to see the coaster they put up an sign for it announcement , but it look I was late for it because there was no spoke person there or it just could be there for opening day, but I really don't know but it an cool sign. SCR108.bmp I started supporting it. SCR114.bmp In this area guest and being saying an new cafe may go here. SCR112.bmp They started adding catwalks SCR111.bmp Also they added an loop. SCR109.bmp They also added an sign to but this is last photo of this update.
  3. You should know that I'm going to fully theme it and not leave out tunnels and custom supports.
  4. It suppose to be an crypt falling apart or something but I personally think it cool because if you look closely you see arches and water inside the crypt and in the name of the park it has ruins in it and when I think of ruins I think of things falling apart.
  5. Well you guys may think I switch to RCT3, well I did and the park I made was deleted somehow and I don't know what happen so I switch back to RCT2. SCR76.bmp The new park is called Corkscrew Ruins and it small but I will try to put alot of thrills in it though. SCR89.bmp SCR78.bmp The coaster you see is called The Sonic Scream. SCR77.bmp Last picture until I come back the next week. SCR94.bmp Well a few days after I went back to the park they change the name on the coaster to The Corkscrew Crypt. SCR99.bmp SCR98.bmp SCR97.bmp They also made another shop and the coaster goes through it. SCR100.bmp Last picture of this whole update.
  6. Your the reasoning why i playing rct3 and not rct2 and I saying that coaster is GREAT!!!!
  7. Dude that is awesome and also there was an contest between me and you, you would total win, but keep up the good work
  8. Hey guys Im switching to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 for a while but who knows maybe I'll never make another Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 park ever again, but again who really knows this is the last update for SFOK for an long time so don't think Im leaving, I just do this sometimes but I think this time permitted.
  9. Just tell me or make an tutorial you know i don't like people doing it for me because I feel that I didn't do anything okay.
  10. Well you wont tell me and also i tired and I failed it kept crashing .
  11. UPDATE TIME!!! SCR82.bmp Six Flags made an first generation free fall that is called The Grip Hanger and it is the tallest first generation free fall in the world. SCR83.bmp SCR81.bmp SCR80.bmp SCR79.bmp SCR85.bmp SCR84.bmp Last photo of this update.
  12. UPDATE TIME... SCR70.bmp Six Flags made an theater, two games stalls,and the HELIX OF DEATH WITH BONUS!!! SCR71.bmp SCR73.bmp SCR68.bmp SCR69.bmp SCR74.bmp Last photo of this update.
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