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The "Preview" Thread

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^^^ I have downloaded so many parks with that peep problem. Have tried to fix it many times. Failed 90% of the time. You can try reversing land ownership and separating the path into the park from the surrounding paths. When you do this land invert the peeps should start to leave in a mass but of course no new peeps will come in. After the peeps are gone reverse if back. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.


You can also try (some work involved) saving your custom rides and putting your park back into the scenario editor to fix the problem and work on what other issues (space, ride selection, senery) your having. When your done restart the park and place your rides.


Might want to post a reply in the RCT2 HELP thread about the problem, someone who may not read this thread my see it there and tell you exactly how to fix it.


The park looks great. You should start a thread about it and show it off.

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^Nice,I'll download it when it's ready for release.


My intimidator project is going along well,I had to use the same turn around element that I used on the green hornet but after testing in the sim the only real G spikes are at the bottom of the first drop & the turn around since that is AHG'd.


I hope to possibly have some progress screens up sometime soon.

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^ most definitely agree.


Have started on a new park. It is going to be a water park. Everything will be functional. Spent many hours trying different ways to make realistic WORKING water slides that look like what a water slide should look like. I don't mean a raft going slowly backwards to the start of the ride like I have seen so many water parks do. These rides will have full guest capacity. I really think I can make this work. I am still in the editor mode right now. Working on a huge hotel that is in the park and out of the park. Figured it would just be easier to do it in the editor than constantly switch back and forth inverting land.


The hotel and parking lots will not be the normal DEAD areas. They both will have plenty of things going on in them. Cars driving around, monorail stops, rides and food with paths that let you see guest using the hotel.


One of the Exits to Pirate Bay water park.

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...how do you have working monorail stops (as in do they actually pick up and drop off guests) and how do you have working cars?...


I have not altered the game in any way. The monorail works just as it always has and the cars will be various versions of the car ride(s) that are in the game.


The monorail will make stops in the parking lot and pick up quests and bring them from their cars to the hotel and back. Guests will also be able to walk to the hotel from their cars.


As for how the cars will function I am not going to share that (yet) but I will tell you they will "look" like they are slowly driving around the parking lot(s).


The entire hotel and parking area is a very tricky balance of owned and unowned land that will make everything look like it is alive with activity instead of just a hollow hotel and an empty lifeless parking lot.

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