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The "Preview" Thread

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Just to show that I haven't given up on this -



Interlocking loops! One vertical, one horizontal.

I have a bit of supporting left to do, plus my signature catwalk-built station building. So, I still have a ways to go.

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^ Ride layout and surroundings look quite nice, however, I'm not entirely sure about the Looping Roller Coaster track...not sure if someone has suggested this but maybe B&M track would be better suited, or merging the loop onto the Giga Coaster track. It's just that with the limits of NCS, the supports look a little too bulky in my opinion for the track that you're using. Theme is western I'm assuming? I really like the bridge on first glance, but the wooden blocks for bridge supports don't really flow that nicely, maybe the mine theme wooden blocks instead?

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I'd strongly suggest using the B&M track system myself as well. The looping coaster track is great- but it needs a lot of finesse to get it to look right/smooth right in an actual build.


There is an art to building coasters of that style- Schwarzkopf interpretations are difficult to get right, and since there's no 'steep up/steep down' type elements in the structure, you end up with mulitipoint/complex hills/drops- which doesn't look fluid in the end.



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TPL INC. has just announced that they will be building a Brand-New Theme Park! Remember that TPL INC. is an International Theme parks builder and owner, that has built many famous theme parks around the world! and now its time that Orlando experiences this New type of Adventure!


YES! Orlando is the place chosen by TPL developers to create this "New and exciting adventure that will be more than you can ever expect!"


Our reporters went to the site where the park is being built and the entrance its quite done, don't know why they already built the entrance but it's sure that the park will be Amazing!


Hope I can bring you more new next time!


Tom Parker

-Orlando News Reporter


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Hey guys. I am doing a music based park, but only based on stuff I like, which is mostly ska and punk. I still am designing a vast majority of the park, but so far it is going well.


Proposed areas: Rudeboy Beach

Skin City: An area dedicated to Cities... bands here include The Bostones, The Toasters, Big D and The Kids Table... etc. Mostly bands from Boston and and New York


Anarchy Acres: Bands here include Rancid, Operation Ivy, Streetlight Manifesto... etc. More punk influenced bands with a ska side.


2Tone Town: It will be "based" on England... ish. I have never been there and I dont know what NCSO pieces to use. I know I will have a wildmouse coaster called ratrace and a darkride called Nightboat to Cairo... more on the way though.


Kingston Gardens: An area based on ska legends like the skatalites, Desmond Decker... etc.


Rudeboy Gardens: Coming Soon


Rudeboy Beach: An area devoted mostly to the third wave boom in the 90s.

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@the ghost - I like the style of the park that you are going for. Also, are Sum 41, Blink-182, and The Offspring going to be placed anywhere?


Why would those non-Ska, non related bands be placed in a park about Ska? They have -no- links to Ska, and are at best faux punk bands.


CJ: I'd refine the park concept a bit, as you need to encapuslate each era in Ska history: I'd do it more as that, rather than as theme areas based upon location:


60's: Jamaican Ska, the early movement to the UK, Spirit of 69.

70s: Punk roots blend with Ska; 2Tone Movement, early US Ska

80s: British Invasion/Ska arrives in the US, birth of the early reformists

90s: US Ska takes hold, rise of the FrankenSka movement

00's to present: Underground Ska is born, return of the roots.


Remember it best as this: Roots, Boots & Suits- the three key tenets to Ska.

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