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The "Preview" Thread

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Indeed, I am trying my hand at a Cyclone coaster, namely the late, great Psyclone at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Painful or not, I spent nine months of my coaster operating career on that ride and got to kind of know the coaster to the point that I love it. Today, I was fooling around with NoLimits and I started building and built pretty much the exact layout.


Terminator may have replaced Psyclone and it also is miles better than Psyclone... but Psyclone to me represents memories... nostalgia.

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That first drop looks rough o.o

Id reallt like to see how it turns out though


Ive got a woodie of my own but I doubt Ill ever finish it. It would need custom supports and I highly doubt Ill be able to pull that off :/




View from the brake run.


Turn around under the lift. I want to tunnel it.


The turn after the first drop. I also wanted this to be tunnelled

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^I actually quite like that layout... I really hope that you get the chance to finish it to your liking. If that were real, I'd probably want to ride it.


As for my Psyclone recreation, the first drop actually isn't the rough part... the dips, however, didn't really come out as great as I hoped so I'm pretty much trying to tweak them to the real specifications. All I'm working with is an aerial photo and my memory of that ride; by those definitions, the recreation is actually really close... when I watch the simulation, everything is pretty much in its right place. It is funny that you mention roughness though; that coaster's middle name was roughness.


I'm also starting a new woodie called ThunderHorse... hopefully I'll have some shots come tomorrow. Expect a really compact GCI with a couple new things... oh, and if you haven't checked it out, a couple pages back I posted my first NL coaster named Marauder. I think it's pretty cool for a first coaster and I can't get over the layout.


UPDATE! More shots of Psyclone!





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@lacrosse14: What Eric_Smith said!

@Eric_Smith: What you said!

@Team Thriller: I'm not a fan of the RCT turn options at all, but that's the widest turn they give. In reality, it'd start to do a wide turn on the way out of the backflip and would keep turning as it went up into the next element, which is super cool. Just to throw that out there.

@kamikazewatermelon: The trains are flying at the time; totally doable in real life.


Thanks y'all!

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