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  1. Im playing it now, seems fun. Hopefully it doesnt lag too much
  2. ^ that would be an epic win for B&M This layout is an epic win for them regardless. Totally in love with it. I would say the layout pwns Intamin's, but I can't say much until I've ridden them.
  3. The teaser from Screamscape: "A foot here...a foot there...a foot everywhere...”
  4. ^ I agree. At first I thought it was launched coaster due to it's length. It looks great, though. Kudos.
  5. I made the hills less steep and Im getting intense -1.1 Gs on them. I think that's a tiny bit too much but I can just raise them to control that. Do these look better? (They're not as round, it's just the pic is zoomed out so much)
  6. Word of advice, finish those supports. I have a ridiculous amount of really good tracks without supports. This is the second track I plan on releasing with completed supports. In the end, it really pays off and eventually gets easier. Custom woodie supports are much harder so get comfortable with steel ones. Best of luck on the track.
  7. ^ Yeah! It was looking super cool! I've never followed your projects but I think I will for once. This looks pretty interesting.
  8. It's a pretty intense helix! I tried keep all the forces less than 4.5 throughout the ride so the helix would feel really intense!
  9. Done with the station and supports for track near the station. Some track work still needs to be done but nothing too big. I'm still loking for a name so any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
  10. ^ Using Object Maker. I made one using Google Sketch Up but the shadows were insane and looked pretty bad. It was somewhat easier because I didnt have to scale anything, but Object Maker is pretty easy too. I've been tweeking the three hills after the tunnel and those pics are a bit old so I'll post some new hill pics soon along with progress on the station. Supports will come last and will probably take the longest.
  11. Thanks! But Im not uploading it yet. I still have to do all of the supports, fix the grass surrounding the tunnel, and finish the station. I plan to add a lot more detail to it because it seems too flat atm.
  12. Just a little track I've been working on. I didnt realize how jerky the transitions on the hills so I hope to fix that. I wanted it to end on a strong note so the helix at the end pulls up to 4.7Gs. I've also been working on a station heavily based on the one for Goliath in Georgia. Some specs: 243' tall 238' drop 83 mph top speed (you can thank the tunnel for that) A pretty long underground tunnel
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