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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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I wasn't really talking about the small one far to the left. Near the escalator you have 3 big supports. The biggest of them I know is for the Corkscrew, and the smallest of these three is for the airtime hill after the turnaround. Then you have that very tilted one (closest to the escalator) that one confuse me, will it be that it's part of the corkscrew? It's a bit out of line with the bigger support and that's why I'm confused.

Ahh, now it makes sense, that one is also for the corkscrew, it's tilted so that it can reach over the escalator so that there won't be too far between the top support and the small one on the other side.

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I'm getting really hyped up by these pics, so a huge thank you is in order! We have already discussed about visiting Liseberg with my friends, and in 2012 the park made such an impact that even those who don't ride coasters want to visit again.


Also, am I noticing a slightly different profile in supports? Not in the shape (they're round) but by the cross-bracing etc. Maybe this mammoth of a coaster will feature a new style of supports and a new style of track (the filled triangles). Anyway, it just adds how much I want to see and of course ride this beast!

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Thank you all for the kind words!!


Helix Blog Update


Here are some more images that Liseberg posted on the Helix blog (there are a few more at the blog itself):






The first pieces of track that I saw yesterday are already in place, can't wait for more!!



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^ Yeah, I know what you mean, especially looking down that launch track and see that turn down at the other end is really something.

And on the new plants bit, then yes absolutely, Liseberg needs trees to be able to keep the feel of the park. It's the same thing with Kaninlandet I think, it looks a bit clinical at the moment, the trees needs to grow quite a bit until it reaches it's full potential.


The second image I posted got me thinking though.

The support closest to the camera seems to have been put in at a wrong orientation, there is no way that I can thing that it and the following ones will be able to line up any piece of track, that banking seems way out of place since the drop into the first corkscrew is in the same direction as the photo and it drops straight down without any bankings??



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I'll be right back, I'm just gonna change my underwear.


I hope they will plant some new trees around the ride when it is finished, It looks a little bit to open with everything they have taken down.


My hopes exactly! Although it will probably look a little less open with the track there, let's just hope they will plant some grass to make the hill green again.

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I'm glad that Liseberg is taking the time and trouble to do the job right in building Helix, rather than indiscriminately shaving off chunks of the hill and cutting down all the trees. This ride is going to have a very impressive setting.

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Found a new source of Helix images, this time it's a fellow coaster enthusiast that have full access to the Helix building site.

Liseberg CEO Andreas Andersen


He says in his blog that he takes daily trips to the building site just to enjoy it, and the image below really gives you a great overview of the scale of the turnaround into the first launch.


Source to the image blow: Andreas Blogg - Lite mer Helix ...



Most supports for the turnaround between the second corkscrew and the first airtime hill have been put into place according to the web-cam image now.

EDIT: It seems like the second launch is going to go in next, since they have already put up 2 supports for it since this morning. They are working hard even in really awful weather with a massive storm on the way.

Link to big Web Cam image


A proud CEO with Helix

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I love the Europeans! A storm as massive as what you and the UK got over the last few days would have shut down production for at least a week over here and then been blamed 6 months later when the ride wasn't ready on time! Good job guys!

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^ Yeah, they were really working late last night to get all the supports in, it looked like they also considered to put in the first piece yesterday on the web cam, but it went in early this morning instead, so a total of 4 pieces were installed today. The storm wasn't as bad as everyone though, sure it was pretty windy for about an hour here, and since it was late in the evening then it's not much of an issue with the construction of Helix.


Since that image they have added 3 more pieces to the launch, so now it reaches from where the small Ferris Wheel is to the piece you see in the image, and I think that there will be at least 2 more sections that will be added to it since it will work as a MCBR as well as a launch, the first launch won't really be much of a block though. It will be really interesting to see how tall the inverted top-hat will be, it might stick up pretty tall over Uppswinget.


Wow i didn't realize that launch two had such a steep inclination!

They need it to be that steep since, that's the only way that they can clear all the other stuff and still get the super tight Lisebergbanan/Flumeride passage (10 cm on each side on the Helix clearance envelope ).

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Wow i didn't realize that launch two had such a steep inclination!

They need it to be that steep since' date=' that's the only way that they can clear all the other stuff and still get the super tight Lisebergbanan/Flumeride passage (10 cm on each side on the Helix clearance envelope ).[/quote']


Do you know how that is measured, 10 cm more than what is considered a safe distance? (And how much is that?)

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You are welcome for the kind words!

Here are the web-cam link for the big image of the station area one as well: Click


Do you know how that is measured, 10 cm more than what is considered a safe distance? (And how much is that?)

That's exactly what it is. An area where no objects than the train is allowed to be in. I can't find any image of it, but imagine sitting in a coaster train, and then try and reach as far as possible and draw a line where you finger tips are then you have the Clearance Envelope of that train type. They most likely also add about 10 cm to that to be 100 % certain that the riders won't touch anything. The tight area between Lisebergbanan and Flume ride have most likely been laser scanned and then made into a 3d model on which they have added the Lisebergbanan clearance envelope and then tried to put in the Helix one in the space that was left. Without compromising any safety areas, and in the end it means that there is about 10 cm left between each areas or obstacles, aka. a really tight squeeze.


Now enough of that now onto some fresh images from earlier today that I was able to take since I had an errand in the Gothenburg area.





Helix Update - 2013-10-30

Lot's of stuff have happened since last Thursday, it's really unbelievable how much they have done in that short period of time, especially considering that there were a storm on Monday evening in the area. Can't wait to see what have happened next week

Will do a similar update as last time, first from a near by parking garage, then the staging area and finally the hill on the other side on the motorway that runs close to Liseberg.


Now onto images!!


Hi again, it's this time again!!


Mmmm, green delicious track

also seems like they have added one more piece since the CEO update :)


First Corkscrew, can't wait to see the track going in


Several new supports since last time for the turn around between the second corkscrew and first airtime hill, which looks incredible twisty <3


Several supports are closer to completion


Still a lot of work at the Lisebergbanan lift-hill dive


More footers


4 pieces of launch track at the second launch are done, all with their cat-walk supports


3 more pieces of launch track are waiting to go in on the second launch, which means that it will be massive compared to the first one


More track and supports <3


Judging by the bends in them, then they are for the section before the first launch, so we might see it completed pretty soon


Can't wait until they get to the first corkscrew


More track


Not much here, but still plenty to keep the construction moving forward


loads of supports, some of them are ridiculously short


A lone piece of track in it's own little section


Woah, seems like they need more stuff at the buildingsite


Great use of the Atmosfear car, hoisting up the lighting for the massive "Christmas tree" that they transform the big tower into every winter


Another close-up on the turn into the launch


I said earlier that they had installed the number 3 support the wrong orientation, looking at this then the number 4 one seems a bit off as well


If I remember correctly then support number 33 and 34 are missing to complete the second corkscrew supports


After adding the last 3 pieces of launch track here, then it will be almost twice as long, and the bottom area will be below the Flume-ride trough at the inverted ice-cream cone


Here is the tight squeeze I have been talking about, Helix will turn through that little hole into the second launch


Overview of the first area


I did a panorama this time as well

Panorama 2013-10-30.zip

And if you fancy a massive version to have a closer look of the area then just download this zip file and enjoy that panorama in all it's glory.

Much better than the low resolution web-cam image.


This is the end of this update, will post more images in the future the next time I'm able to have a look at the Helix building site.

Until then, have a good one!!

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