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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Ahh, Memorial Day? You mean I have to wait almost 2 months after opening day to ride my favorite roller coaster? Thats BS. All they needed were new trains... This off-season has been enough for me, and now this. Yuk.


(I kinda liked the red (yes even faded) better than purple and blue. I just want my Superman back!).


The real question, though, is will anyone actually start calling it by it's changed name? I know I'll probably still refer to it as SROS.


Edit: All they are doing really is repainting/adding some simple effects and new trains. Why would it take so long just to do that? Is it the train fabrication that is the reason? I just don't like it. If it is the paint/effects, just hire more mexicans!

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I attended noreast coaster on saturday at sfne and here is a few things they said: The new trains have arrived and the whole ride will be purple, they had to stop painting due to cold weather. They wanted to have it all painted but they stopped to get Mind Eraser done since it will be opening with the park. One of the holdups will be they have to break in the new trains. They have confirmed that media day will be May 21st and the coaster opens to the public on the 22nd. You can see a full update from noreaster.


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They are kind of close, Supermans is a lighter purple and Batmans supports are black. Also, the majority of Superman is near another end of the park, and chances are even alot of the GP could tell the difference between the tracks and trains of the two, because it is a fairly significant one.

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Not a fan of the new SROS color scheme. Purple always reminds me of Barney The Dinosaur and a certain networking equipment vendor that makes very lousy gear.


But, if this helps the park justify the investment required to get this coaster running as it should run with non-shin-bashing restraints, then it's all worth it.

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I actually don't mind the colors. I really like the way they're looking on Medusa, but I don't know, something about the Intamin track just makes it not look as good. Medusa's yellow really sorta "popped" out and so did SROS's old colors. Medusa's new paint still "pops" out (IMO) just not as much. But on Superman, you barely notice it. It just seems to blend in, and that's not the way the #1 roller coaster in the world should look/be.

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Hmm, it looks like http://www.lexcorpinternational.com/ exists too. These sites came from http://www.jimmystruth2power.com/ which is another in-game blog.

On the security page I found the correct pictures, but then what?

SPOILER (highlight to read):

>>I tagged the picture in each that had a 2-digit number and the same person in it and it said "Facial Identity Match Found", but then what? Are the 2-digit numbers in each picture significant?<<

What's the next step?

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