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Photo TR: A Tale of Two Brand New Florida Attractions

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Thanks for the pictures, Erik--and for warning us about the "spoilers" (I do like nice surprises). I'm looking forward to checking out both of these attractions, but, strangely enough, it looks like the Simpsons is more elaborate than people first thought, while Toy Story Mania is the opposite.


Or maybe I should just go to your house and ride Toy Story Mania there.

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The mounted guns are a bit more maneuverable than the ones on Buzz, and they work just fine for the attraction. As mentioned before, they are very similar to Pirates at DisneyQuest.


I will be posting some of my pictures shortly.


In the meantime, here's a short POV of the Simpsons coaster! If you notice, it does have a few rough spots

And for those on the Jeff Johnson counting system, the ride counts as at least two credits


Simpsons Coaster POV!

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I am pretty sure the Mr. Potato head "quips" are pre-corded. First, I think it is really Don Rickle's voice, so unless they got someone to sound exactly like him, it is him.


Second, he said some pretty generic things like "hey, you in the blue shirt." Usually there will be someone wearing some shade of blue, and they assume that the potato is really talking to them.

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I am pretty sure the Mr. Potato head "quips" are pre-corded. First, I think it is really Don Rickle's voice, so unless they got someone to sound exactly like him, it is him.


Second, he said some pretty generic things like "hey, you in the blue shirt." Usually there will be someone wearing some shade of blue, and they assume that the potato is really talking to them.


This is correct. They had Rickles record a ridiculous amount of lines (close to 1000) and some he even ad-libbed.

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Hey Scott, did you see these shirts yet?

Yep, as a matter of fact I did; however, I opted for the old school EPCOT one first. I'm sure I'll pick one up eventually though.


LOL @ the video. Classic stuff, man.


The more and more I see of this ride, the more and more frustrated I am in thinking that although it looks like fun, it still could've been so much more for what they spent. The really cool high-tech preshow animatronic thing Disney's got going (see: AE/Stitch and Potato, and to a lesser extent- Buzz) is cool and all, but something inside me says I'd rather see that money spent on the ride itself instead.

Oh well. I'll still ride it and enjoy it, I'm sure.

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Since I was with Erik the same day (though I have nothing to do with the "home edition", which does replicate the ride very well), I took a ton of pictures. I could post a large Photo TR, but Erik would rather I finish off all my existing Photo TR's (there's at least three buried somewhere) before starting a new photo thread.


We both took some similar pictures, so I'm just posting stuff that has not been covered already


More coming soon


The ride vehicle. Similar to the vehicles used for BTTF, but without the video screens



Scratchy really wanted to take a POV of the ride


This is the second pre-show room, which shows a video featuring a rodent getting super-sized.



Probably better than WDW's Pirates and Dinosaur combined


Apu running the snack bar



And we all know what happens when you stand up on a log flume.


The ride goes down for several months and gets retrofitted with restraints that both diminish the ride capacity and prevents most normal-sized people from riding


Some of the theming in the first pre-show room


The train leaves the track - not a credit!


This is the way to get the Taxi Jam credit


Although this DeLorean actually runs


The BTTF:TR tribute clip


You need to see this for the full story




The queue moved quickly and the video screens showed various Simpsons clips. Shown here is a scene from Itchy and Scratchy Land





More attraction posters




We didn't make it for the preview, even if we both did have annual passes


And if they're free, why pass on the opportunity?


This was the queue...for the Squishie stand


Simpsons merchandise has started popping up in CityWalk


I start this off with a POV of the moving walkway at Universal

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All right, first off: looking at the marquee for Cineplex... they show classic Universal movies as well? (I'd totally go see BTTF in theatres even if it was about $15.)









Anyway, awesome report as per the usual, sir. BTTF + Pixar + Simpsons = WIN.

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Eric. Absolutely hi-larious video of Home Toy Story F'ing Mania! I'm here at an airport Starbucks laughing out loud! Brilliant!


Thank you for the overviews. I guess I'll see them both while I'm there this October. I was helping Showpro install some of the lighting effects for the Simpsons ride in LA the last time I was here in town. They were cycling the film to synch to the lighting and I couldn't help but notice the ride program was exactly the same as BttF. Nice to hear that it is a bit smoother though. Also glad to hear us taller people won't suffer the unintentional head bashing with the new ride vehicles. I too had the same issue with the back seat of the Delorians.


As always, great TR! And again, awesome video! Soooooooooo many moments of comedy gold!

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A couple more, including progress over at IOA


Stitch of the Harry Potter construction


More to come, including Toy Story Mania, and some hot Monorail action


360 degree view of the new coaster site


A composite shot of The Simpsons ride building




It's likely to be a path leading to the new bridge


This construction fence showed up in Jurassic Park


Warehouse - The Ride?


A crane is visible behind Flying Unicorn


Over at IOA, the Dragons' castle has been completed with the new theming


A trash can. Yes, a trash can. Has Universal been bought out by Cedar Fair?


What's behind the fence?


The train has a fresh coat of paint


Inside the DeLorean


The DeLorean and the train at their new location


This was the rodent who cut in line for Jaws


Yes, that's the same pack of Tums I found on Euroburg's skyride several weeks ago


Another Simpsons themed food stand


We actually redeemed our Squishee coupons at this stand, over by MIB

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Nice TR! The Toy Story home version is too funny!


I was disappointed that I missed both of those AP previews by a few days. I did get to go on The Simpsons ride though, minus the free Squishee.

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Its really strange how open this area is now.

I totally thought the same thing about the big open space where Hollywood RRR is going. Last time I was there there was a stage there. But even when there's no stage, its never THAT empty.


BTW, I warn everyone that may ride the Simpson's Ride NOT to look up when you're on the tiered walkways going inside. You may find out just how bad America's obesity problem is...

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Great TR guys! I wanna leave tomorrow, but we'll have to postpone that for another year and a half.


I can tell already that I'll take the Simpson's ride over Toy Story. But that's also probably due to me being a much bigger fan of the Simpson's. Both rides look fun in their own ways. The Simpson's ques look like they'll keep you totally entertained!

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Alright. Time to put my two sense into this conversation. Ive ridden both of them and have been able to experience Simpsons twice, and TSM more than enough times.


Lets start off with Simpsons. How Erik explained it and gave an explanation is just how I thought. I thought it was ok but its nothing that I would run to every time I go to Universal. I kinda wish they would have kept BTTF and just updated the video. I've never been the biggest fan of Simpsons but I didn't let that hinder my judgment. The queue is neat and I like that they can keep the riders entertained with show clips. I did really enjoy the clip on how Krustyland took over The Institute of Future Technology. The ride didn't really do much for me. One of the good things is that the story is really easy to follow even if have a general idea of the Simpsons tv show.


On to Toy Story Mania. I really enjoy it and I think its a hit. Guest satisfaction has been through the roof. It seems that almost every guest that comes off of it has been more than overwhelmed. Its really fun and its re-rideability I think is very high. One of the negatives is that your arm hurts from pulling that string so many damn times. I wish that they could have put a bit more into the actual ride like an animatronic or two. Even a simple Mr. Potato head at the end would be cool. You don't really focus to much off of your score screen though so the animatronic kind of would be a waste of time. I think its perfect for the Studios and will work well. Ive heard of few rumors that have been thrown out there and I'm not sure what to think what will be coming to the studios but this is a good start. This park needs to get up to be a full day park because I don't find it to be one right now.


Overall If I had to pick one that was better I woudl have to say that is easily Toy Story Mania. I do have my reasons to be biased though. Come on down to Orlando and try them out for yourself though. I have talked to people that think Simpsons was better (only one or two) but its all personal preference.

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oh now i kind of get why harry potter fits better in IOA than Studios, because It would fit perfectly as an extension to the lost continent. I also really love the Simpsons themeing!


EDIT: Combined both of your posts into one. You can always go back and edit your original post if you think of more to add.--Joey

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When I first heard about the ride, i thought they were going to use large immersive screens like on spiderman... It looks more like you roll up to a tv screen and start shooting away.


I guess its still a good edition to DCA/DHS, with them both needing rides and everything. And the extensive que theming is nice, haven't seen it for quite awhile.

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