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TPR's Indiana Beach Video!

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Hey everyone!


We have released the first segment off our latest DVD - Coaster Expedition Volume 10!




It's a giggle-fest full of TPR antics!


You'll see:


- Lots of coasters (Cornball, Lost Coaster, More!)

- Giants tackling unsuspecting youth!

- Enough Fascination to fill an Indiana corn field!

- Antics out the Wazoo (what exactly IS a wazoo?)

- BOOBS!!! (I'm pretty sure there are boobs!)


And after you're done watching, order your copy of the new DVD!



Thank you again for all your support!


Theme Park Review's Indiana Beach Segment!

(Downloadable version below)



And like the last DVD we also have an "exclusive" DVD T-Shirt that you can only get as a combo when buying the DVD. It's a DVD and a T-Shirt for only $20. What a bargin!


Coaster Expedition Volume 10: Midwest Mania USA

Order your copy Now!

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What a fun video. I know what you are thinking, who the heck is THIS guy?


I've been a long time lurker around here, I get the emails, I read the forums, I watch the videos...


Living about 5 minutes from Adventureland (I know, it is pretty small), I was originally planning on at least saying "Hi" when people were there, but I was out of town with my kids.


Anyway, I think that I am actually going to buy this video. My parents took me to Great America every summer starting when I was 5, and I continued that tradition until I was 24. I miss that place. I've been to Cedar Point only once, but now that my kids (14 and 9), especially the 14 year old, are into coasters, I need to go back. Been to the Dells many times. This video will bring back so many memories of years past and just help to reinforce a family vacation to some of these places soon.

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^Dude, I was freaking cracking up at that part!



I just gotta say, my boobs were HOT!


Ha! Seriously, I was cracking up. Do you remember the retarded people freaking out?



Now I guess the only thing I have to look forward to until the East Coast trip is the large update.

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This is probably my favorite segme


How can you determine that before seeing the DVD?


He probably has already watched the DVD since he was on the Midwest trip.


Oh! I didn't realize most of the midwest packages already got to their destinations. I'm still waiting for rmine.

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I can definitely say that I'm looking forward to Behemoth Bash after seeing this video. Congrats R&E, in regards to the fact that the Coaster Expedition Series is now entering the double digits! I'd say that Coaster Expedition is probably the longest lasting and most successful coaster video collection of all time.

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^ You should. And yes.


This is by far Robb's best work. The entire DVD is well put together with great production values. This is a must buy. My wife, who is not into theme parks by any stretch of the imagination, thoroughly enjoyed this from the first minute to the last.

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