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  1. Look at this link of a haunted house that was open for one night onely, it sounds really scary and the actors are over the top! http://hauntedattractions.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=364&Itemid=34 Tell me what you think of it, i can tell you i will not be going there!
  2. Mr.freeze seems to have alot of down time recently, i wonder why
  3. Yes unfortunately we do have the locker policy even though me and my dad carry a cup around they make us pay! We usually hide it behind the photo both!
  4. Thanks for all the help guy i will give a TR from when i go and hopefuly a video!
  5. Thanks so much that helps. Whats the theme of duel? Also what is the haunted woods i see on the website has that got any live actors?
  6. I have to agree and isn't six flags fiesta texas known for its shows?
  7. Ok thanks does anyone know how much they are? Are the water rides in the fast pass or not?
  8. Hey guys i am going to alton towers in june with school and i was wondering what type of fast pass is the best because there seems to be different options. Also is there any rides not worth doing? we only have a limited time. Any info would be great so thanks in advance.
  9. Why do they want to go for the family image? Just keep to what there good at.
  10. There really keeping this secret! What time of the year do they usually realise infomation about hhn?
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