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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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I pulled both of the .gif images. When the two switch, the one on tpr goes white. The one on Screamscape stays the same color, but with a number. I noticed when I broke the .gifs down, that it appears the date in the RIT logo looks different in the white one from TPR. I can't see that close up, or make out what it is. But it does seem to change. I looked at the pixels closely, and the two last numbers are not the same. You would think they would be if it were indeed 11.


Then again it could be nothing, and it's very late and my eyes are burnt. Someone with better vision may be able to figure it out.


EDIT: I attached the pulled apart images. The file names are the same as when I pulled them apart, don't think they mean anything though. But they are different from the original file names.





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If you send them an email, this is the auto-reply you get back. The bottom dashes are the exact number of spaces the code inside the banner has. I wonder what would happen if we found the first four numbers and put the whole thing into the search engine OR sent them an email with those attached?


Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate RIT Project Manager for further review. Please remember that the confidential nature of our work requires the use of an encryption key for all e-mail communications.


As previously discussed, we anticipate a joint public announcement in the spring of 2011.


- - - - - - - - - - - -

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The question is still raised though: Who has the third banner?


My best thought is that it's buried someplace in our direct line-of-sight; that is, it's something we'll find out in the open. I wish I could figure out, though, the third number sequence, as I have a strong feeling that it's something there for us to use...


That having been said, we could use the 1911 there, too- as it adds up to 12- which seeems to be a key/theme/thread/idea of this.


Mind you, it will most likely open yet another door- such as pictures or other clues that will need to be deciphered from there.



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Hmmm, that's interesting. You mean all those images appear on the same page if you reload it? I'll have to check it out more clearly.


No, those Images I saved to my desktop. My computer pulls animated gif apart automatically, then I dragged them to photoshop and saved them as jpegs.


I'm almost positive that there's a hidden message somewhere in the jpegs. If only I could read the date in the white image. But that's still just a wild theory. I've also tried examining over the RIT logo. I've added together the first two hidden numbers, and subtracted them. I've tried enetering the numbers I do have in the Search field on there website (which leads nowhere, or does it?).


I've tried just about everything, besides the "obvious" one. So I'm trying to look at it from a simple mindset. It's funny, we were all giving Rudie a hard time last night about being hooked on this thing. Now I've found myself consumed by it as well.


Also, it is NOT the one on the RIT website. Tried it already


To fuel the fire a bit more, there are twelve stars in the logo.

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I've tried just about every coaster enthusiast website that I could think of that has been involved and not involved in the Nantimi game. I know our site doesn't have anything (unless they hacked on to the site, which I doubt), but I do have to wonder if maybe the last logo isn't on the internet, but at the park?

Also about the numbers, could they be decoded into a series of letters as well?


I'm starting to look forward more to the storyline more than to the coaster. I'm liking how detailed they are getting with the characters and the concepts involved. Only if Prince Desmond was involved would it be more interesting.

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Does the symbol in the shield of the RIT logo mean anything to anyone. I know I have seen that somewhere before???

The shield has 11 stars for 11 current coasters and the griffon is holding a golden 12th star. I've been looking into the griffon itself and found several coat-of-arms that hold an image similar to it mostly dealing with Germany. Also, inside the park, there are two buildings in the Rhineland area that have a coat-of-arms with a picture of a griffon (Zoo America Outpost and The Right Stuff gift shops). The thing about those griffons is that one has no wings, but looks somewhat similar to the one in the logo and the other is painted blue and is facing a different direction.

Another interesting find is that the text font for the RIT name is similar to Intamin's company logo.

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Chris posted that exact jpeg image of the RIT logo to the Keystone Thrills blog. After staring at it several times, I saw it blink but couldn't catch what was happening. I also saw the Alumni change to a different person (all of who which are employed at HERCO) with every visit to that page.


I wonder why they keep using the "Griffon" symbol so much, unless they are pointing to a Dive Machine?


I also agree with what Chris said about the detail of this game. Having the actual characters come out to survey us back in October was a nice touch and a great way to unveil this fictious company that would doing the game. I think this is going to be alot more fun than Nantimi was!

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