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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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I forgot to note that the park had a contest on facebook a few months ago and invited fans to name the restaurant. I do remember better names that were mentioned in the contest than this though.


Hot Dog Stall #1 might work better.

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Here's an update on the current status of Attraction 2012 from my Springtime in the Park visit yesterday:



Apparently, some new stakes have shown up around Comet's station. The stakes that were behind the games building were gone.



Looks like they didn't need these anymore.




I think it's safe to say that the games building is on its way out....


As well as Tilt-A-Whirl getting a new home for next year.


Looks like more electric lines were marked out.





The new dam.


After the meet-up, Chris, Alex and myself along with a few of our Keystone Thrills site members decided to take a walk down to the construction site to see what was happening.


More concrete blocks are stacked up awaiting their use.


A close up of the remaining catering building as well as part of the construction site. A new shed has also sprung up inside the new gate by the old ticket booth being used as a guard shack.




The creek divided in half.







Lots of trees were cut down. This was also clearly visible from Comet. Looks like major work is being done since my previous visit last month.


Something else interesting that Chris pointed out is that some of the stakes are labeled with a number followed by an "L". What we're thinking is that these are indicating where footers will be placed and that the stakes labeled with "L's" on them probably indicate footers for lateral supports.




The Ride Institute of Technology has updated their website:




On a side note, Hershey's Director of Engineering, Kent Bachmann, is featured as one of their Alumni. Also, there are blueprints in one of the pic header pages. I wonder if they are part of the blueprints to the ride, maybe the station?

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Also, there are blueprints in one of the pic header pages. I wonder if they are part of the blueprints to the ride, maybe the station?


I took a closer look at the blueprints, they are not for the Station or Coaster, they are just blueprints for a house. Still a cool website.


But the prize for favorite fictional Theme Park Research Institute still goes to Disney for the Imagination Institute @ EPCOT


*EDIT We know when the updates will come

Propulsion Dynamics

Study results available 04/25/11. [PDF format]


Gravity Manipulation

Study results available 05/02/11. [PDF format]


Materials & Design

Study results available 05/09/11. [PDF format]


Interdisciplinary Studies

Study results available 05/16/11. [PDF format]

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A friend of mine was looking at the coding of the site:

On the about page: http://www.rideinstitute.com/about.php


There is an image map for the header image with the following:



<area shape="rect" coords="109,136,121,150" href="#01" alt="zw" title="zw"/>
       <area shape="rect" coords="698,101,709,111" href="#03" alt="l" title="l" />
       <area shape="rect" coords="423,71,434,83" href="#02" alt="ö"  title="ö"/>
       <area shape="rect" coords="858,159,868,170" href="#04" alt="f" title="f"/>



Following the number the letters arrange as zwölf.

Ran it through Google Translate and it comes up as the word "twelve" in German.


I also found something else interesting on the About page:

DR. Stevie Ray Rose, (3)Ph.D., M.D., M.Phil. ASC


Dr. Stevie Ray Rose was born in Morocco and traveled the world singing backup vocals and playing tambourine with his parents, both itinerant blues musicians. He left the music industry to enroll in the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas – Austin. Upon completing triple doctoral degrees in Aerospace, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering, Dr. Rose was recruited by Dr. Deklan to joint R.I.T. as Director of Studies. Dr. Rose has subsequently authored papers that dramatically reversed longstanding beliefs in air-time, acceleration, and barrel rolls. In his spare time, Dr. Rose enjoys reading books on cinematography, collecting art, and racing his yacht in various East Coast regattas.


I am also starting to wonder if these are the same 4 characters that gave us the envolope back in October. I do know that Dr. Andersson was the one who we "were" going to interview, but for some appearent reason, had to leave the country.

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So I noticed RIT is shown in the site announcements at the top of the page.

Is that ALL you noticed?


How comes sometimes when the page is loading something flashes under the RIT logo. It looks like ------2037, but I can't read that damn fast???

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I found it interesting that the "4th dimension" was referred to as a means to increase excitement.


Discrepancies in Newton's original theory of gravitation are currently being exploited by the researchers and scientists at RIT. Our advanced four dimensional analysis reveals numerous irregularities in the relationship between weight and mass, therefore offering avenues of opportunity through which increased human excitement can be generated.

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Could be wishful thinking on my part, but under "Materials & Design" on the research page, a statistic of 98% comes up. Great Bear was built in 1998, so this could also be another pointer to B&M. Likewise, it mentions 'lightweight materials' and 'high-strength structures', which describes some of GB's crazy supports. Or I could be looking into it WAY too much.

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It says "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 0 3 7". Whatever RIT is up to, it's awesome that Robb and TPR have gotten involved in this!


By the way, the spaces are supposed to be divided into three sets of four, but I can't get my post to do it for some reason.

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I saved the image, and there is a picture of Cheetah Hunt's "themeing support to nowhere" titled: "huh.jpg." included in the gif, plus if you look at "properties" it says its a slide of 2 frames. I have no idea however what any of that means.


edit: or maybe its just in the same folder...lol

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