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Six Flags Magic Mountain SFMM 2009 Coaster - Termintor?

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It started many years ago on my websites forums, so let me be the first to throw it out there:


Bench: The Ride, family edition.


With that out of the way I'm a little surprised it wont be a cloned ride, I had really figured it would be a simple plug and play coaster. It will be a family coaster (or so we think) so as of right now I'm thinking maybe something along the line of Jaguar! at Knotts. However anything any of us say at this point is going to be nothing more then pure speculation.


Alright as an edit I'll add that other then on RCDB I don't see anywhere where it claims that is going to be a steel coaster, so wood is still an option I guess.

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^Well, Holiday World counts Raven, Legend, and Voyage all as "family rides"....


You know I actually was thinking about a ride like Raven or Legend... Then I thought about Six Flags Magic Mountain, and after a short chuckle, dismissed that thought. As much as I would love to see the park get a decent wooden coaster, I just have a very difficult time seeing it happening. Though I'll be the first to say that I really hope the park proves me wrong.

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The article said that a location has been selected, but not made public. My own guess is that it'll be in or near where Psyclone was. I would have said it would go where Circus Wheel was, but that area has already been dedicated to a basketball game.


I'm looking forward to seeing what this ride is. Perhaps we'll find out more at West Coast Bash.



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If is is a GCI coaster, that means California would have 3 with Roar at SFDK, the one at CGA for 2009, and the one (speculated) at SFMM. Which brings me to another point. SFDK is only about 45 min - 1 hour away from CGA, and they are getting a new GCI. So having one in SoCal would be absolutely no problem as long as it is not a clone of the other 2.

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I don't think it will be a clone. I feel like its going to be an Intamin. Wood or steel, I'm hoping wood as much as everyone.


I'll also guess its going to be happening back by Deja Vu. Although they just got one in 2006, this opening is set for 2009, so 3 years and the demolition of 2 others leads me to believe it will be something big. Much bigger than a Tony Hawk or Dark Knight.


Who knows?

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Are there any limitations to what SFMM can do in relation to building a wood coaster, like size, because of the possibility of earthquakes?


I don't think so, at least we know it can be as big as Colossus.


However I think there's some land issues back by where Psyclone was which may have been one of its reasons for its short life span. So maybe that reason alone will keep a coaster from going back there, or maybe it'll have to be steel.


All I know is I'm excited to hear the announcement, in 6 months.

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