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That is totally amazing!!!



5 pictures, never thought that could be done! Mighty fine job!!!!!!!!!



Well looks like you will be Grand Champion unless somehow your bud can accomplish this task in 4 pictures!



10 days to go!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - You look great in those pictures too!

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Big Mike posting a quick update with the promised Megan Cartwheels, Big Mike awarding the Grand Prize for the 2011 Find the Ducky Champion, adding a few last hidden duckies for 2012, and updating everyone on the Nascar and Baseball section of our contest!



Our 2012 contest in baseball has come down to Coastinmiller with the Detroit Tigers VS. Highroller with the San Francisco Giants! Good luck to both players and congrats to Mike who picked the Tigers with the 1st OVERALL pick of the draft!


Our 2012 Nascar contest has 12 drivers left in the chase, and here is who is represented:


1 Jimmie Johnson (amyamy)

2 Brad Keselowski (picknyourseat)

3 Denny Hamlin (picknyourseat)

4 Tony Stewart (mikeykaise)

5 Kasey Kahne (sspaz1000)

6 Clint Bowyer (GriffyTiffy)

7 Dale Earnhardt Jr. (amyamy)

8 Kevin Harvick (GriffyTiffy)

9 Greg Biffle (GriffyTiffy)

10 Martin Truex Jr. (GriffyTiffy)

11 Matt Kenseth (GriffyTiffy)

12 Jeff Gordon (nrs2420)



Our NHL contest is still in limbo as the league is locked out, so if the season gets canceled, everyone gets new picks!!



Big Mike still has about a half dozen Find the Ducky games to post in the upcoming weeks before we decide the 2012 Grand Prize Winner!!!



First, we will start with a video of Big Mike surprising the 2011 Find the Ducky Grand Prize Champion, Brian, at his doorstep Publishers Clearinghouse style in Saginaw Michigan with a free one week condo stay:





Second, the promised Megan cartwheel video, this one from Chichen Itza in Mexico (one of the 7 wonders of the world):





Finally, we have a few more hidden duckies to release to you guys before it gets too cold and the parks close and the poor duckies have to survive a cold winter!


There are still 4 duckies hiding in Canada at Wild Water & Wheels, Santa's Village, Marineland, and Canada's Wonderland which could be found here:




There are still 5 duckies hiding in Wisconsin at Bay Beach, Mt. Olympus, Timber Falls, Knuckleheads, and Little Americka which can be found here:




OK, on to a picture of Brian and a few pictures of Megan, and a few Michigan duckies to find too!!!



Peace, Big Mike


Brian crowned 2011 Find the Ducky Champion and winning the Grand Prize!!


Megan cartwheels the Bird's Nest in China!


Megan cartwheels the Olympic Village in Beijing!


Megan cartwheels Chichen Itza in Mexico!


Kokomos in Michigan!





Michigan's Adventure!




Hope everyone enjoyed!



Peace, Big Mike

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Big Mike!!! I hope you're doing great and it's great seeing you in action across the country as always buddy. I was just wondering if you have ever tried to make a basketball fantasy league for Big Mike prizes? I look forward to seeing all the awesomeness you provide as we approach a new year! God bless you buddy!

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Hi Josh good buddy!!


First off, LOVE the profile picture on here!


We do have basketball going too, still lots of teams available, see page #1 on here.


Hope all is well and that we met up again very soon!



Peace, Big Mike

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My buddy, as always it's always great to hear from you! I recently got married in June so that's the wifey. Hopefully we'll make it out to WCB next year and I can introduce her to you. It would be really great seeing you again bud! I'll check the first page and hope in the league so thanks for that. Keep doing what you do Big Mike because people like you make TPR that much better!

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Thanks again for everything, Big Mike! I'm happy to see that the video turned out.

Still not sure where I'm gonna head off to with my certificate, but I've definitely got some ideas.

Glad you were able to make it up here, and that I was able to show you Kokomo's and ride the Serpent with you. It was a blast hanging out and I can't wait 'till we meet up again, wherever that may be.

Thanks again for everything that you do, and for being a great friend. You're the best!


Also, thanks to everyone else for the congratulations!

It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I was not only able to be surprised by Big Mike, but had opportunity to surprise him as well, lol.


P.S. I also enjoyed Megan's cartwheels. Thanks for sharing!



While we're at it here, I might as well post these. I took a short drive this morning to find this little guy...


There he is, in his little hiding spot.


There he is in his new home, with me!

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Well, it took two months of planning, 144 photos, a custom computer program capable of evaluating over 17 million combinations of ride signs, a ridiculously long Six Flags ride name, and the fortunate late October opening of a ride with both an X and a Q in the name (I was really afraid of California competition that would be able to use Quicksilver Express in Gilroy).


Without further ado, I present all the letters of the english alphabet in four rides:





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Hey hey!


Between the 16 day TPR trip, being down about splitting up with Megan, having no power after the storm, and then spending a week in Barbados, its been hard to post!


I did see your fantastic job at the contest, and will verify it when I get home next week!


That is, if I have power yet lol.


Peace, Big Mike

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