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  1. My boyfriend just dumped me, too Big Mike. I've been really sad. I need to go ride coasters to forget about him somehow. Maybe I'll see you at a park next year.
  2. Which Acers are you talking about, Elissa. I need to know who the enemy is!
  3. Megan, you and your Dad look like you had an absolute BLAST over there. I wish I could afford to go on an amazing trip like that!
  4. I know one of the top people at Rocky Mountain who said they're going to be doing loops (he said going upside down) with their roller coasters!! This one isn't it, though, I think.
  5. Man, I can't believe the lightweight coaster riders posting in this forum. I agree with the moderator Robb. Get a new hobby! I rode it 8 times this weekend. I'm not a big strong person, but NO sore thighs, and the air didn't hurt at ALL!!!! I do think I left a wetspot on the seats, though.
  6. The ride looks really neat, but I thought parts were a bit rough and rattly for being so new. I'm delicate though, so maybe it's me!! But I think I liked Big Bad Wolf better!
  7. It looks neat, but how come the lights aren't on for the rest of the track? I'm confused.
  8. I went to Cedar Point and rode the Magnum. It was a pretty long ago but I don't remember the first hill didn't seem as steep as the one on the Skyrush. And the seats are different, too. So I think it's alot different.
  9. My boyfriend thinks Skyrush looks amazing. I asked him why, and he said it's because the ride has so much packed into it, and that the airtime will be different than your normal airtime... Whatever THAT means. lol
  10. Wow, I didn't realize you can go get under the rides at some amusement parks. Those are amazing pictures, QueerRudie!
  11. I'm going to fight for the outide seat on this ride! It looks WAY better than Steel Force, the only 200 foot one I've been on. I haven't been to that many parks. I need to get out MORE!
  12. I've been enjoying this forum, but I finally decided to join just to say I'M JEALOUS!!!!
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