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Big Mike. I have a banner in my profile and I you definitely are on my Christmas card list!!!


Edit: I just checked and this is also my most active thread. Score!


Edit 2: I know how the Big guy likes to eat so I just sent him a BK $1 Holiday Gift card!!!! (With a real card to follow!)



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The final regular week in the powered coaster league just got interesting. Big mike and myself were battling for a playoff spot, but not we are ranked 1 and 2 after wins this week.


1. TEAM BIG MIKE 7-6-0 W-3

2. brown streaks 7-6-0 W-3

3. jinx 7-6-0 .538 L-2

4. Some Big Ole TD's 7-6-0 L-3

5. The Ghosts 6-7-0 L-3

6. Robbie's Dominators 5-8-0 W-2


I might have to do some rooster moves this week. If I make it into the playoffs, def. will be doing some. Manning won't be starting because I get a hunch that Caldwell will be resting starters since a win over the Bronco's will give them #1 seed and home field advantage.

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I found the Big Mike Road Show 2009 Mystery card for Freestyle music Park, I have met you, I also have a banner in my profile. The picture is attached. So what do I do now? Am I in the running and do I get put on the main page now?


Freestyle side of the card with the date of visit.


The big mike side of the mystery card


This is how the card fell apart because of the rain

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Congrats on finding The Mikestery Treasure Hunt Card!!!


You will indeed be put on the front page, and now are 75% of the way to qualifying to be in the Championship Round to win the Free One Week Condo Rental!


All you have left is to win 3 Find The Ducky games out of the 12 left! Great odds!


Just so happens that the next round of Find the Ducky is coming up in the next major update!!!


Be ready!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hi Big Mike,


I'd love one of your special Big Mike Holiday cards!


I went to my profile... and my most active topic is indeed the Big Mike Road Show! But I'm definitely going to send a card in the post to you too! (It might just take a little while to arrive from the UK!)


All the best,


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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!!



The next stop on The Big Mike Road Show 2009 was at Go Bananas in Harwood Heights Illinois!!



This was the last stop of the Memorial Day weekend trip and my good buddy Craig brought me out to eat after the visit to a wonderful place which I will show you at the end of the report!



There is soooooooooo much happening here at Big Mike World Headquarters I don't know where to begin???



OK, lets start with The Big Mike Road Show Fantasy Football Invitational, which is just starting the playoffs this week!!!


Did your favorite TPR people make the playoffs??? Did Big Mike make the playoffs??? Lets find out:








(13 weeks, 4 teams make playoffs)




Division #1:



Bauton 5-7-1

themeparkguy27 5-8

Hurcules 5-8

packfanlv 4-8-1


Division #2:


coreysjunk 8-5

stingrock23 8-5

Crazy4Coasters 8-5

DiSab 7-6

slither37 5-8


*Big Mike TOTALLY dominated his division and got the #1 seed overall going into the playoffs! (Cheer time for The Big Mike Road Show Show Stoppers!)


The Playoffs Matchups are:


#1 Big Mike vs #4 Crazy4Coasters


#2 coreysjunk vs. #3 stingrock23


This playoff round last for 2 weeks!


Go Big Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







(14 weeks, 4 teams make playoffs)


Last week of season!!!


East Division:


Homeboy23 9-4

Jakizle 9-4


Coaster Palooza 5-8


Central Division:


Jabronis 10-2-1

bearcut 8-5

sugart 6-7

BeemerBoy 3-9-1


West Division:


FeelTheForce 6-6-1

MontuWillOwnYou 4-8-1

JimmyBo 4-9

Satchboogie3 3-10


* Big Mike is in a 3 way tie for first, but loses all tiebreakers! Good fortune has it that Big Mike plays one of the other teams tied for first, so the situation is clear as day, Big Mike wins and he goes to the playoffs, Big Mike loses and he is out of the playoffs. So in essense, this is a regular season playoff game!!!


Go Big Mike!!!!!!!!!!





(14 weeks, 4 teams make playoffs)


Last week of the season!!


Big Mike 7-6

spaceace12 7-6

Jinx 7-6

bigsteve07 7-6

Ghosts 6-7

Robbie 5-8



* Big Mike has done it, gone from dead last place to the top of the standings!! Big Mike is in a 4 way tie for first with a week left, but has a monsterous lead in total points and has clinched a playoff spot! A win this week gives Big Mike the #1 seed!


Go Big Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Fox Sports Champions League


(13 weeks, 6 teams make playoffs)


Final Standings!!



Airnuts23 9-4

Dem Boiz 9-4

Wasted Time 9-4

Steeltown 8-5

Jstudies 7-6

Bigfattboy 6-7

Soffay 6-7

Dr23 5-8

DrunkenBallers 5-8

Bandits 2-11

KevyKev 0-13


* Big Mike wins the league by 3 games and earns a first round bye, so we cant even root for Big Mike this week!


Playoff matchups:


#1 Big Mike (Bye)

#2 Airnuts23 (Bye)

#3 Dem Boiz vs #6 jstudies

#4 WASTED TIME vs #5 Steel Town 2010



Big Money League


(17 weeks, no play offs, top 2 get money)


Fitz Hammer 10-3


Arties Army 7-6

Brad and Bob 7-6

Mike K 6-7

Taylor 6-7

Carol 4-9

Anthony 3-10


* Big Mike has a do or die match this week with the first place team! If Big Mike wins, he moves into 1st place!!! If Big Mike loses, he can kiss first place's top prize money goodbye!


GO BIG MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Little Money League


(Head to Head, 17 weeks)


Zinger 7-6


* Big Mike has won 2 in a row and is right back in this battle!! A win this week ties up the match!!


Go Big Mike!!!!!!





OK, enough about football, lets get to something really important!!!



I was just strolling down the hall here at Big Mike World Headquarters and I passed the mailroom and the production room and stopped in to say hello to everyone.


Great news from the production room..... The Dorney Park with The Bebes Report Featuring Find The Ducky Round #4 has been completed and is now just awaiting the green light from the scheduling team on when to air it!!


It has been a long time since Round #3, but it just so happens that after this report, Big Mike was off to Scandinavia and the 2nd report from there is also another Find the Ducky Game! So get ready, 2 of the next 3 reports will help you win the Grand Prize of a Free One Weeks Condo Stay!!!!!!!



So, as I said earlier, I walked by the mailroom and what did I see??? A big batch of Big Mike Road Show Holiday Cards that are going out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I swiped a list of the mailing dates from the wall and will share it with my Valuable Big Mike Readers:



The following group is being mailed out tomorrow!!!!



1. Big Mike - Have to save one for the Hall of Fame.

2. Parents - They are proud of thier son.

3. Grandma - She is special.

4. Step Kids - They are awesome.

5. robbalvey/SharkTums

6. Coaster Palooza

7. Zakkster

8. aslinterpreter

9. PrintersDevil78

10. Reality15

11. y2j2003y2j

12. derwood


*Above sent a card last year


13. Sue - sent card this year

14. Brandy524 - sent gift

15. TheRapidsNerd - sent gift

16. The Bebes - Won contest



The following people have qualified for a free Holiday Card by having a banner or having Big Mike as thier most viewed topic and will be mailed out in order as which it was posted in the thread, but a week behind to let readers who sent cards get fist priority:


17. slither37 - Mails Monday

18. sccoasterfan - Mon if sent address

19. traincrossin - Mon

20. piggy4891 - Mon if sent address


22. Homeboy23 - Mon

23. jamesdillaman - Mon if sent address

24. Pirouettes907 - Mon if sent address

25. Speeddeamon128 - Mon

26. Crazy4Coasters - Mon if sent address

27. spaceace12 - Mon

28. triggernel - Mon

29. B@Man - Mon

30. X2coasterfreak - Mon

31. Chris Benvenuto - Mon

32. Yeti762 - Mon

33. Jayjay719 - Mon

34. SuperShawn - Mon if sent address

35. packfanlv - Mon

36. robinschroder - Wed if sent address



ONLY 64 CARDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!



Remember, as soon as a card is sent to Big Mike World Headquarters, you go to the top of the list and your card gets sent out the very next day!!!



FACEBOOK FRIENDS are now invited and if you are reading this, there are 2 ways to get a Big Mike Road Show Holiday Card!!!!


1. Join up today to Theme Park Review and just make one post saying hello in this thread and you get a free Holiday Card!!! (Most active topic)




2. Mail a Holiday Card to Big Mike at:


Big Mike World Headquarters

126 Revere Ct.

Montville NJ 07045



Just as a refresher to everyone on Theme Park Review, here is how to get your very own Big Mike Holiday Card:


There are 3 possible ways to get on the mailing list!!!



Method #1 (The best way, as this way will permanantly put you on the yearly Holiday Card list like the people above).....


Send Big Mike a Holiday Card this year!!!!


Send it to:


Big Mike World Headquarters

126 Revere Ct.

Montville NJ 07045


Method #2 - If you have a Big Mike Banner in your profile, you get a Holiday Card!!!!


Method #3 - If you go to your profile and your "Most Active Topic" says its The Big Mike Road Show, you get a Holiday Card!!!!



I understand that during the holiday season, time and money is short, so if you choose to take the Step #2 or #3 route... here is what you have to do:



Post in this thread that you would like a Big Mike Holiday Card and then state that you either have a banner or that Big Mike is your most active topic!!! That's it!!!!


I will then send you a private message for your address after Big Mike World Headquarters confirms your qualifications!!!



So now it is up to The Valuable Big Mike Readers to choose:


A. The quick and easy method of stating you have a banner or the most active topic is Big Mike, but then you are not put on the yearly distribution list.


(* There will be a one week delay in mailing after you post to let the mail arrive at Big Mike World Headquarters and take priority)




B. The not so quick and not so easy way of sending Big Mike a Holiday Card in the mail, but then you will be on the annual list AND.......


......This just added......


The first 20 people to send a Holiday Card in the mail to Big Mike can get a free Holiday Gift from The Mighty Big Man!!!!!!


You can choose either one of the unused remaining Mikestery Treasure Hunt Cards or a Valuable Big Mike Reader Pin!!!!


Just write on your Holiday Card you are sending which one you want, a pin or a card!


Supplies are limited to 10 pins and 10 cards, and they will be distributed in the order that Big Mike's Holiday Cards are received!!





OK, on to Go Bananas!!!!!!


Looks like the waitress also wants to get a close up view... of The Mighty Big Man!!!


Hope you enjoyed!!



Peace, Big Mike


A close up view shows Big Mike's Bacon Cheeseburger with a Cheese Dog with Relish on top of it!


My food has arrived!! I went the very mellow and safe route!


Casey takes a picture of Big Mike.


Waiting for our food, Casey experiments with the green drink, not his favorite.


Appitizers of all different combinations of Mac and Cheese!


The atmosphere and scenery are top notch in Big Mikes Book!


This picture just about explains it, anything that they can throw on a burger, thats what they do!




Sears Tower, but that is not where we are eating, we are going to....


We let Casey play around a while and then it was off to one of the best places to eat in Chicago!


Play Area!



Yak Attack!



JJ's Driving School!



Jungle Junction!



Banana Squadron!


Here are some other attractions at Go Bananas:




Credit #786 for Big Mike!


The tunnel part.


The train and my riding partner Casey the Cutie!




Park index.


Python Pit!


Got my tickets!




Photo for Park Index.


Go Bananas!

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Hey Mike,


This is the first time I have posted in your thread for a long time, but do not fear, I have been reading intently on an almost daily basis!


Just to let you know your card is in the post, it may not arrive in time for an official card to come back my way (it is coming from England afterall!) but I don't need anything in return, just wanted to pass on my festive wishes to the big man!


Have a great christmas and a coaster-filled new year,




EDIT: Just discovered this is my most active topic - now I just need the banner and I've covered all 3 bases!

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