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Splash Mountain History/Interesting Facts?

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^They discovered this formula when they created the atom for the Adventure Thru Inner Space ride in the late 1960s.


But seriously, folks--rumor has it that Disney's legal staff once pushed for the logs to be equipped with OSRs. (I read this on the Internet a few years back, so take it for what it's worth.)

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TDL's Splash Mountain was the first to use side-by-side seating.


Seems the Japanese were way too polite to start straddling a center seat/beam, one behind the other. And wanted the two seat seating arrangement.


And WDW's followed, with the same designed logs.

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I've got a couple facts, but does anybody have anymore to add & vintage pictures/ads/articles?

-The American Sings attraction closed in 1988 & all the animatrics are all found in Splash Mountain.

-It was once the longest flume ride in the world.

Not all the animotronics were moved to Splash Mountain two of the geese were put into Star Tours without their skins and over fifteen are uncounted for or are used in testing new imagineers.

Now that is what you would expect from an America Sings nerd!

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My father-in-law's company did some of the work on the water system on Disneyland's Splash Mountain.


Disney originally wanted to use an off-the-shelf ride system from O.D. Hopkins, but discovered that you can't build a non-standard flume ride out of standard flume ride components.


The original plans called for the use of driftwood for the logs since it floats better.


Splash Mountain is the fastest ride at Disneyland.


Most of the above items are true, but there might be a lie somewhere in there.



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"Isn't the monorail the fastest at like 55mph or something?" (Gnome)


No, the monorail doesn't top 25 or 30 mph, though it is capable of doing so. Splash Mountain's logs reach a speed of about 40 mph going down the last drop. Neither of the coasters tops 30 mph to my knowledge.

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