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^Seriously, I'm sorry to hear that.


No, Its alright, She was kinda a bitch.

It seems very common at your age to have that attitude. I remember when I was 14. They told each other how much they loved each other, how perfect they were. Then when they broke up all the trash talk began. Most of the time just meaningless bashing. Lots just stopped speaking all together instead of just calling off the relationship and remaining friends like they do when they are older. So much drama in high school.



I remember at the age 14, if you weren't dating somebody, then you were a "nobody". In order to be 'in' you had to be 'in a relationship'. Don't date just to date. Wait until you are truly happy and always make sure the person you date is someone you would be happy with marrying. Dating is often made out to be a trend or even a joke.


And don't make the same mistake I did at that age of 14...date two girls at the same time. It just doesn't work.

Tyler, you couldn't be any more right about that. I remember feeling that way too. I am very shy, but nowhere near as shy as I was several years ago. Back then I couldn't even talk to girls without getting horribly nervous. I even had a hard time looking them in the eye. Over the last several years, I have learned that I would NOT have wanted to be in the "relationships" which happened during my freshman and sophomore years. In fact, sophomore year was the peak year in my life when the pressure was on to be in a relationship. I still haven't been in a relationship because I am looking for the right girl (ok ok my shyness contributes to that a lot too). There are too many people I know who just want/have been in a relationship to "get layed" and then move on to another. The trouble is just meeting girls for shy guys like me. Also in high school, I have realized that so many are taken which makes it all the harder, especially when so many are the wrong kind of people. My school is truly a pathetic school for relationships.

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I still have no girl... T_T


Although, there is one girl at work who is beginning to know I have a crush on her.. |3


I really believe that God has someone out there for each and everyone of us and I'm excited about meeting her, but I don't want to rush into relationships just to hold me over until I meet her.



Dude, that's the most awesome thing I've ever heard someone say about that. Totally awesome!

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this thread is going nowhere since 80% of TPR are repulsive to the opposite sex!!

LOL sadly this is the case within any enthusiast group of just about any kind - most members are male, and seemingly just not attractive to females. There's a high incidence of autism across the spectrum within enthusiast groups. I'm no exception... doh...


No, the butt smiley doesn't mean I'm gay (hey, can a butt smile...?!) but I am single, and not through choice... lol.


I'm a nice guy living in West Yorkshire, England. Pleasure Beach Blackpool is my favourite park, on par with Liseberg. Very different parks, but equally lovely to me. I also like railways (have my own 7.25" gauge steam loco) and am musical, hence the name - though I'm sure there's people here more musical than me and they don't shout about it, but then I am a bit neurotic, insecure and narcassistic. I'm still a lovely guy though!


I'm a great listener, I'm friendly, I'm not violent or nasty, I don't hold grudges, I don't get bitter, I never play mind games, etc. Nobody wants me though. I had a girl when I was 15 (and no, I never actually 'had' her) and that's the extent of my whole love life. I thought I loved her, and she fell out of love with me and in love with Jesus, quite literally (the beardy twunt) and it took me two years to get over a one year 'relationship' - because I'm a socially retarded, useless tit. But I am still a really nice guy!


I also have little confidence, and aren't too good at promoting myself, you might have guessed. I'm probably not as bad as I make out; my tone is partly fueled by a desire to find someone and the fact it just doesn't happen.


Seriously, I'm an alright guy and am not as weird as I make out. Part of the problem is likely that I'm so into coasters and trains, etc. But, it's proven to work as an advantage for some couples so who knows. I just gotta find someone, and if they have similar interests, then great!


Who knows what the future holds?


By the way, I don't QUITE 'get' the whole donkey thing. I mean, I'd much prefer a human woman. If I were to ever get THAT desperate, I think I would have to kill myself.


I have a sense of humour by the way. Possibly not the most favourable, but I seem great at making people laugh and smile so that's gotta be a good thing for relationships...

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I've been single all my life so far, so those to younger kids out there, don't feel bad! And there is no hurry. I don't feel bad about myself, and I certainly don't feel like i *need* to be in a relationship ASAP. It'll come in due time.


I'm currently working to rekindle a strong friendship with someone from high school who I had a crush on (we became really close friends over our senior retreat, stayed close, she rejected me for senior prom, but things weren't awkward). We just lost touch over the summer, but since she and I both attend Ohio State, I saw it as a chance to try and make something out of it again. We're gonna hang out more, and see where it goes from there. I know that she's afraid of rejection, so it's tough for her to commit to full out relationships, so I'm working on just bringing our friendship back to where it was before. After she knows that I genuinely like her for her, we'll see if the next step is right. No hurry, no pressure.

I don't think you can go wrong with "friends first". I don't think it's the ONLY successful way by any means, but it certainly helps, especially in a scenario like mine. After all, I think it helps to be friends with the person you're dating...

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Ha - no friend of mine has wanted to date me. Infact, I always get the old "I'm sorry, I just don't want to jeopardize our friendship" line. I suppose that'll just be an excuse, but either way it gets old and and a little annoying.


Lifelong single? - pah, try another third of your age added on. I don't think what I had at 15 was really a relationship - I thought it was, but ultimately it wasn't too great. It also wouldn't have been legal over here and that's partly why I didn't let things go far - she infact went over the top several times and tried to genuinely rape me (and she was a year younger). LOL - you don't hear of that often, it's usually the other way round. Not that either way is good ofcourse. Just funny to say it like that I suppose.


Good luck, hope it turns out good for you...

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You under-20 types who proclaim to be lifelong singles haven't a clue. I never had a serious relationship till I was past 20 because I was busy getting my education and figuring out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


Give yourselves some time, and someone will come into your life if you allow it.



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I recently tried to date this girl that I've known for a while to find out I had already entered the "friend zone", it's too bad, maybe one day it'll work out when she gets past all the guys with long hair and tattoos(aka Her 30's)

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