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Who makes the best coasters?

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I hear a lot of rumblings about Vekoma being the worst... Who is the best?


I'm sure the Intamin fanboys are coming, but I surely beg to differ.


B&M is my personal favorite.


The Batman Clones

Dueling Dragons (IOA)

Apollo's Chariot (BGW)



Top Gun (Paramounts Carowinds) - One of the best inverted coasters in the US

Superman Ultimate Flight (SFxx)


...and that's just to name a few.


Sure they may not make 500 ft Giga coasters, but they make coasters that will provide great thrills and smooth rides.


B&M gets my vote.

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This is pretty easy.. for wood CCI, GCI, Gravity Group, S&S, John A. Miller and Herb Schmeck



Hoky crap man, thats all the major desingners of wooden coasters



For wooden coasters, I have to go with CCI, and posibly the Gravity Group, we will see if they can produce the same level of coasters over time that CCI did


For steel, B&M is awesome, my favorite steel coaster is Top Gun at PGA


The steel portion may change after my trip to SFMM, but I doubt my Wood coaster prefrence will change, cause from what I hear the wood coasters at SFMM leave something to be desired



Hopefully one day I can ride a Vekoma or Intamin woodie, they look pretty awesome

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Well the manufacturers of my top 15 rides are as follows-


1. Intamin's SROS at SFNE

2. Intamin's MF at CP

3. B&M's Nitro at SFGAdv

4. B&M's Apollo's Chariot at BGW

5. Intamin's SROS at SFDL

6. B&M's SUF at SFGadv

7. B&M's Raptor at CP

8. B&M's Mantis at CP

9. B&M's Ice Dragon half of Dueling Dragons at IOA

10. Intamin's Calfornia Screamin' at DCA

11. Vekoma's X-Flight at GL

12 B&M's Incredible Hulk at IOA

13. B&M's Fire Dragon half of Dueling Dragons at IOA

14. Morgan's Steel Force at DP

15. B&M's Kraken at SWF


So I guess its pretty much B&M, although Intamin has the top 2 and #10

(lol i'm an east-coast-rollercoaster-coaster)

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Vekoma does! I admire their innovative design and their currage to come up with something total new (Oke, they went bankrupt in 2002 because they had to many new products nobody was interested in...)


Pinfari (Pronounce: "painfari") also makes great coasters...

Thuur, the painfari man, Crompvoets

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I'd gave to say B&M hands down!!


Here's My order of Fav's:


1.) Bolliger & Mabillard (been on 29 B&M's out of 61)

2.) Intamin AG (been on 17 Intamin's out of 74)

3.) Chance-Morgan (been on 5 Morgan's out of 9)

4.) Premier Rides (been on 5 Premier's out of 17)

5.) Vekoma (been on 19 Vekoma's out of 232)



I Like Wood Coasters Also, But I Love Steel Coasters!

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Big steel is Intamin all the way. TTD, Xcel, Cali Screamin', all od their hypers and such.


Vekoma makes good small steel coasters like their roller skaters and mine trains.


The only Arrow coaster I really like is Ninja @ SFMM, because it kicks a lot of butt.


Schwarzkopf made the best portable rides by far.


CCI pretty much mastered the "classic" woodie, but I think S&S will probably take over that market. Most of their woodies look great.

GCI makes good twisters.

But, I have the feeling that Intamin will wind up smoking them both if their few woodies to date show anything.

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