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West Coast Bash 2008 - The Official Thread!

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It's currently a gray, drizzly day in Chicago - and even though it's surprisingly warm for January, there is no sun (also surprising). All of this is increasing my excitement for this event like you would not believe .. I'll finally be able to visit Magic Mountain (and DCA - but Magic Mountain is the real highlight for me) - not to mention catch up with a bunch of old friends and hopefully meet some new ones.


Only 39 days to go! (Which includes 420 hours of work, 234 hours of sleep, 6.5 hours on the potty, 26 hours in the car, and 16 hours of Life On Mars ).



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Looks like myself and Rich will be staying at the Hyatt Saturday and Sunday nights. (We had a $100 off coupon! Woo hoo!)


Then we'll be going to Universal on Monday, Disneyland/Adventure on Tuesday, and Knotts on Wednesday.


Does anyone out there know where we can find some coupons or discount admission to any of those places? I hear many papers or tourist mags out there have coupons in them?


Oh, if others are coming in from out of town (or locally) and want to meet up for some of the other parks we're going to, let me know by sending me a PM. Oh, We're staying at the Wyndham Anaheim Park, on Mon, Tue, and Wed nights.



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Our family is definitely looking forward to WCB. Six Flags has made some very positive changes to our home park, Discovery Kingdom, and I really hope the commitment to a better visitor experience is carried on throughout the chain. See you all at Magic Mountain in early March!


P.S. Thanks to Robb for the help with the order page.

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my sweet pregnant gf will love to attend the event (she loves coasters but more so food right now ) and wants to know if there will be any willing people to talk or play DS as the rest of us have fun riding... She loves coasters but for the sake of a future munchkin can not ride... just a tidbit looking for some feedback...



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Is there a limit for the amount of guests that we bring? I have a group of friends that want to go.


If you look at the very top of this page, the answer is practically impossible to miss.


There is no limit for this event!



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I had a dream last night we received an RSVP for 131 people. Is that you?


To answer your question, you can bring as many friends as you want as long as you all abide by TPR's and RideWorld's Code of Conduct. RideWorld's is posted HERE in case someone wants to read it.

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Ha ha, no that's not me. I have about 7 or 8 friends that want to go not 131. I think I finally got some of my friends hooked on coasters so they want to see what an event like this would be like. I saw that there was no limit to the event i just wasn't sure how many guests we could have on one order. So now I know. Thanks

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^ I'm afraid you will not be able to. This year, the Value Book free passes have been increased from 3 to 5, but are now more specific in their use.


The five free friend passes are now only applicable for--


-Mother's Day

-Father's Day

-Pick a Day: March 30, April 27, July 27, September 28, November 30, December 28

-Pick a Day: Weekdays in June

-Pick a Day: Weekdays in August



You can find more information here:







But the special, one-day admission of $18.50 for WCB attendees, even on top of the $20 event fee, is very reasonable, in my opinion.



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