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  1. Curious to if the design queues of the train will be referenced throughout the attraction/land or this another case of the creative lead getting hit with the shiny stick. Gets the best of them i tell ya. Damn you shiny sticks! The claw marks look like an after thought of a all hands meeting. Easy to produce based on the reliefs for tooling but appears as an afterthought. 2 cents and nothing more- would love to see the initial concepts. As for the track layout looks fun as hell.
  2. Received my box today, well it arrived when i was out of town but my neighbor held onto it for me. Opened it today and saw some awesome stuff! Thank you very much Brandon. Cheers! sea monkeys, 3d cards, crazy chicken game. wohoo! and a card. thank you again!
  3. happy to see my giftee liked their stuff. , as for my secret santa please be advised I have not received anything as of today and will be unable to verify if I have received anything from tues through Sat. Will update again on Sat. Merry Christmas and cheers.
  4. Gift has been sent, the part of the gift that went poof with my logic board, well I'm reworking it now should be sent out in due time none the less the main gift is on your way lucky recipient. Cheers
  5. To the person waiting, As I have half the gift the other half I was in the middle of creating when my logic board went "poof" on my macbook. soooooo I will send the half first and then when I have a solution for the other item it will follow. sorry cheers, isaac
  6. Got the first half of my gift, starting the files for my second half (second half I am making). Should be sent out by monday.
  7. updated insight to my interest. anything design related. (I'm a industrial designer) hats playing cards movies - comedy or surprise me (just no shirts i have way too many)
  8. Awesome job on the coverage! Those Proslide models are an awesome use of the color 3d printers. o wish i had one of those and the resolution looks great. I have an urge to model a slide now. Thank you for all your work!
  9. my little boy loves this show, weather episode is his fav as of now but anything with mooty and pooty is pretty solid. Now go crazy! haha
  10. Congrats! I must suggest if your looking for a great bartender got to Espn zone and find Guillermo. Usually works the day shift in the main bar not too sure on the days he works but an awesome bartender nonetheless.
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