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West Coast Bash 2008 - The Official Thread!

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This looks like a really great event! I'm going to see if I can make it and get a few "coaster convert" friends to come along, too.


By the way, I'm kind of new to the forum and event thing but have been a long time member / visitor of the site (hey everyone).

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Question... I'm new to TPR. Aside from registering, is there anything I'd have to do to join this trip? Is this a "Members only" kind of thing and if so, what do I need to do to be a member?


From the flyer:



Q: I’m not a member of RideWorld or Theme Park Review – Can I still attend the event?

A: Yes. West Coast Bash is open to all theme park and roller coaster enthusiast clubs and websites. However we

do recommend that you register for both sites. You’ll get up to date information about future events, news, and

more about your favorite hobby. Member registration is FREE!


I really do encouage everyone to download and read the flyer. So far I think every question that has been asked so far has been answered in the Q&A session.



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Well, if you haven't been on a TPR trip, I think there's hazing involved.


Right, guys?



SHHH!!! We discuss rookie initiation methods in PM's, not on the public forums!


Maybe you should add a gigantic banner at the top of the forum, Robb


For some reason, I really don't think that'd help...

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Just registered for my first TPR Event! Looking forward to meeting all of you at WCB.


Robb, I ordered 2 and put the information on the second person in the "comments" section of the order. Do I still need to fill out the flyer and bring it with payment (I am paying by check) at the gate?





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OK, so I'm guessing I'll be the youngest person there, seeing I'll be 13 by then. Don't pick on me, or I WILL get you.


Also a question. I just screwed up my printer so I can't really print out the flyer, so is there anything I can do? And if I were to print it out, I would just send in the registration form to you via mail and then pay my 20$ when I arrive?

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You may register for the event two ways:

1. Online via the TPR store: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?categoryID=6


2. Download the flyer and send in the registration form.


If you have any questions, please first download the flyer as your question may be answered in our Q&A section, or you may post your question here.


PS. If you want to get an idea of what the event is like, check out our SFMM update from our recent DVD Party event:



See you at the event!


--Robb & Chris

TPR & Rideworld/Thrillride.com


Taken from the first post in this topic. Please be sure to read everything before asking questions.

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I just wanted to say if you thought the DVD Party was fun, just wait until WCB. We are really turning it up a notch! All of us working on the event are very excited about March 9th! Six Flags Magic Mountain really is a new place. The energy and passion are truly something to experience. Get ready for a great time! We are looking forward to welcoming each of you to the park!




Neal Thurman

Director of Park Operations

Six Flags Magic Mountain & Hurricane Harbor

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I'm flying in from Minnesota for the event and I can't wait! This should be a really awesome event.

I do have a question though if someone could help me out please.

I'll also be attending the Knotts Solace event on Saturday but I was looking at the pricing and it says that it's $55 for adults and $25 for people with a CEDAR FAIR PLATINUM PASS or KNOTTS ANNUAL PASS. I have a 2007 Valleyfair season pass that doesn't expire until 3/31/08...so my question is, would that qualify me for the $25. If anyone knows anything, your help is appreciated. Thanks

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It is a Valleyfair Maxx Pass. I did call Knotts about this, but i got the runaround and the person I spoke with didn't seem to confident in what she told me.

Anyways...thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys again. I briefly met you two when you were here for Renegade at VF, but I showed up right before you guys were leaving so you probably don't remember me.

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** Note - for those of you attending the full day West Coast Bash event, please register by Friday, February 21st to guarantee your shirt will be available.


Download the flyer here:



To register either fill out the form on the flyer and send it in, or register online via the TPR Store:



Remember that you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY UNTIL THE DAY OF THE EVENT, but it will be helpful to know in advance if you plan to attend.


Simply click the "pay by check" option at the TPR store and bring the check or cash with you the day of the event.


See you all at West Coast Bash!


--Robb Alvey


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This will be the third one of these things I've been to (with the first coming on a cold, rainy Sunday in 2005), and Chris, Robb, and SFMM management keep making this event better and better. Heck, in 2005, all it consisted of was an 8 AM ERT on X, Goliath, and Riddler. Great job, and thank you.


Plus I've been on coaster withdrawl since July, when I moved to Seattle...

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