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West Coast Bash 2008 - The Official Thread!

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I have a 2007 Valleyfair season pass that doesn't expire until 3/31/08...so my question is, would that qualify me for the $25. If anyone knows anything, your help is appreciated. Thanks


I have a Cedar Fair 2007 MaxPass that I purchased at Carowinds last year. Does anyone know if this is still good at Knotts till 3/31? Thanks!

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Hey guys,


Knotts got back to me via email this morning. Apparently, the reason why ACE and RCpro are the only ones on the list is because no other club sent out a request to be added to the list. Which is weird, because I told them RW members have been able to attend for 3+ years and we should have remained on the list. Anyways, RideWorld has been put back on the list so anyone with a current RideWorld premium membership card can attend Solace.



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Just a reminder,


If you are planning on attending the full-day West Coast Bash, please try to get your registration to us by this Friday so we can get a headcount and have your T-Shirt ordered!


Download the flyer here:



To register either fill out the form on the flyer and send it in, or register online via the TPR Store:



Remember that you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY UNTIL THE DAY OF THE EVENT, we just need your registration information.


See you all at West Coast Bash! Sunday, March 9th, 2008!


--Robb Alvey


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Hey everyone!


If you are planning to attend the full day event of

West Coast Bash at Six Flags Magic Mountain on

Sunday, March 9th, please submit your registration ASAP!


We are putting in the T-Shirt order tomorrow, so we need

your size! For more information on how to register download

the flyer here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/events/events.htm


Or simply register at the TPR store:



You will not want to miss this event! We are told by park

management there will be plenty of "surprises" in store for you all!


**NOTE - If you have already registered for the event, but have not

purchased your park admission yet (not needed if you have a season

pass to Six Flags) you may either purchase the $18.50 discounted

admission the day of the event OR you can phone ahead and have

your ticket waiting for you at the park. The number to call is

661-255-4500. Ask for the "West Coast Bash" ticket. We do

recommend phoning ahead so it's one less thing to worry about

the day of the event.


See you all on March 9th!


--Robb Alvey


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I am getting excited for this event seeing as the last time I went to Magic Mountain in December we only went on Tatsu because it was freezing! I loved the ride but I felt like I was going to die when it did that [insert fancy rollercoaster term here] or as we liked to call it "upside down feel like you are diving headfirst and can't breathe towards the end part". Looking forward to trying again! That was my first time at MM in like 7 years so I feel like I haven't really been to the park in that long.


One question: Would I be able to do update my pass to the one that includes parking at some point during the day or will we be too busy with stuff?


My friends and I are going to watch some of my TPR DVDs tomorrow night so they have a better idea of what they have gotten themselves into!!!



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^ Your friends will be sorry.


I'm sure there will be some free time during the day, even though there is a lot going on as well. And I think you can get a parking pass add-on to a regular season pass. I got the Xtreme Play Pass, so parking is already included.



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Hey everyone. I came across this event and it sounds great. I am a Valencia local who has grown up with MM and it is really difficult to find historical information on the park, beyond what you find online.


Should I register or just show up with my papers that morning?


I'm going to try and get involved here so maybe I'll get to know a few people before the event. I'll probably be solo as my girl doesn't like MM, too intense for her, shes a DL type.

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I registered! I'm excited for this. Riding coasters is always even more fun with other people who love them too.


I'm actually really excited for the guided tours with the lecture on the past and futureof the park. That should be great.


Who is going at 12:00 and who is going at 1:00?


I'm a 1:00 person.


I want to introduce myself, where should I do that? thanks

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