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I should have said this when I met you, but, I have to say that I may have joined TPR only in the last year, but I have enjoyed your nostalgic posts since you started doing them. I am very much a fan of nostalgia and seeing how parks evolve with the times and the available technology. They are a reminder of how quick things do change, and that we should enjoy what we can when we can. Thank you so much for the work you have done to preserve this unique history.

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Shane's Amusement Attic is not all about pretty postcards, brochures and press kits, I also try to bring some educational value about parks that are significant to the industry. Now it is time for a little history lesson on one such park. Rye Playland. With it's future uncertain, I just hope that this great old park will survive future redevelopment. As can read about in the posts below it has a very rich history. It's a shame to bulldoze all those memories and future memories for another strip mall.










































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I have never been to the park, but have always wanted to ever since I saw the movie "BIG". From Google Earth, it really looks like a nice park, nicely laid out and with a beautiful location there on the beach. I really hope it stays and doesn't get bulldozed.

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I think the Aeroplane coaster has to be one of top ten great lost woodies... Looks so freaking awesome.


It would be truly heinous to close this beautiful park. They had better not.


Thanks for this great update!


I feel the exact same way, both that the Aeroplane looks like a great coaster and also that it would be heinous to close this park.


When I worked for Paramount Parks the guys at Kings Island were always talking about rebuilding the Aeorplane. I believe they even had plans drawn up to do so. I doubt that will ever happen now since all those guys from Kings Island have been replaced by Cedar Fair guys.

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When I worked for Paramount Parks the guys at Kings Island were always talking about rebuilding the Aeorplane. I believe they even had plans drawn up to do so.


When I hear things like this, I want to cry. I know there have been whisperings over the years about tackling all sorts of lost coasters (even the Crystal Beach Cyclone), and to think we'd come fairly close to getting a new Aeroplane... wow.


Seems to me that would be a walk in the park, so to speak, for GCI...

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Thanks for posting, Shane...this goes hand in hand with my recent Playland update!


I really liked this park, but it was showing many signs of slowing/wearing down. Not like Conneaut Lake run down, but not nearly as nice looking as the photos in this pictorial. It was interesting to see the beach so crowded and the pool full when that area was literally deserted when we were there.


Is it just me, or does that guy coming off that giant ramp with the bike look like he's not going to make it?

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What a great photo pictorial! Did Westchester County put that out? Thanks for sharing it with us!


I believe they did. I actually received 2 copies in the mail from the park many years ago. It is a beautiful publication and it was free of charge.


Does anyone remember the park when it was managed by the Marriott corporation? I would love to hear stories if it had a different atmosphere under their control.

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Does anyone remember the park when it was managed by the Marriott corporation? I would love to hear stories if it had a different atmosphere under their control.


Shane, if you don't mind me taking the time machine out for a spin again, here's a brochure from the Marriott Playland days...


Hi Great America


Love the Derby Racer


One of my fav spots in the world is sitting on the bench overlooking the beach


Definitely a gorgeous park!


Mmmmm my fav bumper cars

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I agree that the Aeroplane Coaster looks awesome. With all this awesome new wooden coaster technology we are seeing these days, it would be great to see somebody attempt to re-create some of these WILD looking coasters like the Aeroplane or the Crystal Beach Cyclone. Or, at least something that looks just as visually effed up

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Coasters like the Crystal Beach Cyclone would definetly be possible today. I mean, alot of GCI woodies (espescially the early ones) look like they were heavily influenced by the Crystal Beach Cyclone. maybe the reason so many injuries occured on that ride was because back then they had trains with no seat dividers, fixed lap bars, and no seatbelts. Most of the time fixed bars mean wayyy more but i dont think it would be good on something so twisty.

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