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Shane's Amusement Attic

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Ghost, I was going to say Disney, but yeah, you're right, it does have an old Knott's feel...going by pics of course.


I thought a little "Disney," too: the train going by the rocks/falls has some "Nature's Wonderland" in there.


And I love the super-tiny-mini Pirate Ship in the Kids County Fair! I think I've seen playground swing sets taller than that! Awesome.

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Youre family owned that Shane?! That looks so cool for an FEC! I wish you were still in the business and making places like this!


Ahem, might I direct you to this link to show you what Shane is up to these days. Thought not a place exactly like the FEC, I think this is just as cool, and perhaps a bit cooler.


What Shane does these days


Obviously you're not that big of a fan, lol.


Peace - KC

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Shane, it was a sad day for much of the East County community when the Fletcher Parkway Family Fun Center closed. Time has surely gilded my memory, but that was no run of the mill minigolf your family built. It was a wonderful park. I spent many happy days there as a child.


My mother lived little more than 100 yards from the El Cajon edition. I recall taking my sweet little daughter to ride the train and the Ferris wheel. She's 21 now. It isn't the same as Boomer's.


Thanks to your family for providing the venue for many wonderful memories.

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Reading comprehension 101....


Season 5 of Shane's Amusement Attic will begin Monday, September 19th


I absolutely cannot wait until Friday arrives!


I really need to stop posting stuff when I'm half awake


Yes, I did deserve that. I should have noticed the date change...


As for the thrill lift, that is a design I've always wished Vekoma had at least attempted... Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there only one tilt coaster currently in the world because of the amount of issues the tilt mechanism causes?


Correct,it was the Gravity max in Tiawan.The thrill lift did make it into RCT3 though....perhaps it was proposed for CGA after they lost the TA2K after KD passed on the flyer in 01 but in the end they went with the mouse instead?

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Well that about covers all things Aero World for the time being. I still have quite a lot of stuff but it is for the ultimate die hard fan. There is a very detailed park budget, Economic Feasibility study and the autobiography of the park written by Meyers. It is a lot of detailed information and it is all quite interesting . If there is interest I will take the time to scan it all in and post it later on.


Although the Aero World project was grounded (there are too many easy "air" puns with this park) Meyers dreams of an aviation park still had wings. His next site was Arizona and the park would have been called Aero Park America. This project will be featured later in season 5.




The project budget is very detailed and broken down into each ride, show, arcade, merchandise and misc. items of area of the park would have cost.


Ever wondered what a feasibility study contains? Lots and lots of information that is needed to raise money for a project as large as Aero World


and finally the story of the park...


If there is interest in this stuff please let me know

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I'm curious... how do you organize all of these things in your attic/wherever you keep them now? Do you have filing cabinets, or do you pile them in labeled boxes, or something else?


I don't have near as much as you but I've been trying to figure out a good way to store brochures, park maps, and tickets stubs to keep them organized and safe for future references. Do you have any suggestions?


By the way, I loved the Marine World Africa USA brochure. Totally made my day! Maybe when I have more time to kill I'll look more closely at the rest of this. So much, so little time!


I haven't seen this forum do spoilers, but if there was a way to do them, you could organize groups of pictures into a spoiler and label them by park, and it would be easier for people to scroll through and look at the ones they're interested in. It's just a suggestion to organize the thread better... I understand that you're probably pretty busy.

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I am so saddened to hear about Ron Toomer.


Okay all you youngin's listen up. Tubular steel track? You owe it to Ron Toomer. You like to loop? You owe it to Ron Toomer.


With his passing, all of the great designers of my childhood (and Shane's) are now gone. John Allen, Anton Schwarzkopf and now Ron Toomer. Ya know, he never rode any of his creations...wonder if Allen and Schwarzkopf built him a coaster to ride finally when he joined them today?


In fond memory of your achievements, Rest Peacefully.

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