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Here is the 1990 Darien Lake Brochure, look how times have changed




And here's the end of it with operating calender back when the park operated from late May to Labor Day in September also when Darien Center, NY was in the 716 area (it's now in the 585 are code)


The front with then new The Predator


The first middle part with Barracuda Bay back when it was upcharge and had more slides, now it just 'Cuda Falls (the water park is now called SplashTown)


The second middle part with The Predator, Giant Wheel, and Viper


The third middle part with Adventure Land (which is now SplashTown), The Predator (again) and Grizzly Run


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Thatks For the cool borchure! i love darien lake it is one of my favorite parks. Predator was my first big roller coaster. and i loved it! it actually was smooth, when six flags took over, they didn't take care of it at all. i also got to go backseat on superman when it had it's original restraints. Viper was also my very first looping coaster, and it still reigns as my favorite Arrow looper! i hope to return to the park this year to see the better predator w/ voyage trains and the new viper and Ride of steel paint jobs.


P.S. i also heard that darien lake submitted plans to be approved for the construction of their intamin standup coaster. it's too late in the off season but if it is approved, maybe it'll be built for 2012. i like the new changes post-six flags though, this park is really improving

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Another Darien Lake brochure this time from 1982



The front with the Viper (I don't think I remember the Viper having arches on its double corkscrew)


The middle part with the rides; Viper (again), Lasso, Thunder Rapids, the Beachcomber river boat, Ciema 2000 (where the Scrambler is now), Rainbow Mountain (replaced with 'Cuda Falls), and Floodgate Falls (they should reopen it)


The second middle part with Brain Teaser (then known as Lady Bug), some trails, and a petting zoo


The end with the Viper's logo and the only Huss Ranger ride that's still operating


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WOW! I just came across some incredible stuff. This could possibly be the BEST update ever to Shane’s Amusement Attic. It is so unbelievable, so exclusive and so cool that you will only see it here in “the Attic.” Stay tuned for this totally AWESOME update coming soon!

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Here's an odd little park that used to be in the Pigeon Forge area. Anyone ever go to it while it was around????




I am seriously late on this one, but I went to this park once back in 80's. It was seriously creepy. It was an overcast day and the park was nearly deserted and pretty much on its last legs. I remember going on the Arabian Knights/Ali Baba themed dark ride... I was probably the ONLY person on the ride, which gave me big time heebie jeebies because the animated figures in the ride didn't say anything. They just moved a bit and their mouths opened and closed while this howling wind sound was going on through the whole ride. I'm convinced now the "AA's" were trying to suck my soul into oblivion.


I don't remember the dragon coaster, but I remember there being bumper boats and a haunted house/castle dark ride that I didn't go on, a bus themed kiddie falling star type ride and and an AA-type show that starred a Confederate wolf or something (I discovered years later the figures were created by Aaron Fetcher, the same guy who did all the figures at Showbiz Pizza in the 80's.... Billy Bob, the Rock-a-Fire Explosion and all those).


There was a giant UFO that housed a space simulator ride or something, but I don't remember seeing it (though I have seen photos). I heard it was actually pretty convincing for what it was.


I wish I had a chance to really explore that creepy place more throughly. My dad made me leave after an hour or 2 in there. Being a kid, of course I wasn't smart enough to take any photos. Oh well.

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Here's another piece of Darien Lake memorabilia from 1988 back when Darien Lake only had one roller coaster, the current kiddie land was a mini golf course, the kiddie land on the map is now SplashTown, Barracuda Bay was still called "Rainbow Mountain", no Galaxy Theathre, the pools in the campgrounds are present on the map as well as the Mack Calypso ride Crazy Quilt, and 3D Cinema 2000, and also they had pinic areas for park guest and not just the corprate pinic area that they have now, there also a petting zoo on the map



Darien Lake park map from 1988

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^^ I visited Magic World with my mom when I was a youngster. I remember the UFO ride was a trip via projector screens in a round room while Pink Floyd's track "On the Run" from "Dark Side of the Moon" played. It was pretty psychedelic for an 8 year old. I also remember riding the earth auger ride which was like a primitive version of a Vekoma Mad House ride and very disorienting.

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Here's picture circa 1990 from Darien Lake's Barracuda Bay with Rainbow Mountain, Floodgate Falls, Cascade Canyon, and Thunder Rapids.

The blue buding in front of Rainbow Mountain across from Silver Bullet and Haymaker is still there.





And here's picture of the blue building from 2009, the only changed was the Barracuda Bay sign.

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Here's another Darien Lake park map this time from 1996, as you can see they had more water slides in Barracuda Bay, than just 'Cuda Falls and also Cascade Canyon was still there, Adventure Land for Kids is now the part of SplashTown with Crocodile Isle wave pool, Big Kahuna, and Tornado, the mini golf coruse had been moved to an area under the Viper, the old min golf course is now then new kiddie land, Grizzly Run and The Predator are present on the map as well as the then new Hook's Lagoon, Skycoaster, and 'Cuda Falls, the performing arts center is present on the map, also they still had a few picnic areas in the park, and Nightmare at Phantom Cave is on the map.



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Old school Kodak symbol!


Also among the other company logos other than Kodak are Pepsi (now they serve Coke), 7Up, Perry's Ice Cream, MAC, Huggies (sponsored the baby change area ), Bud Light (sponser the laser light show), Skittles, Mayer Bros., and Dr. Pepper. They Also had Nessie the Adventure Land Dragon riding on Funtime Junction.



Nessie the Adventure Land Dragon

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I read through the thread a while and got a nice insight of american amusement park history - thank you for that.

But while reading I remebered my very first rollercoaster ride in the age of 7 years in the most fantastic park in germany - the Phantasialand, Bruehl, opened 1967.

In May 2001, a fire destroyed the "Gebirgsbahn" and the "Grand Canyon Bahn", at this time aprox. 50% of the parks rollercoasters d=

So while I was thinking about that I became a little bit nostalgic and looked around in the internet a little bit and found those videos I definitly wanted to share. The first is an - I guess rare - front seat onride of the "Gebirgsbahn", a Schwarzkopf ride operating from 1975 - 2001 and how I mentioned my first rollercoaster ever




What memories D: While watching this video you might figure out how a fire could brake out - just take a closer look at the theming.


In the middle of the "Gebirgsbahn", on ground level operated the "Grand Canyon Bahn", a Schwarzkopf powered coaster from 1978 which actually just drove an figure-eight shaped track without any tall drops in about 25 seconds and relating to the amount of people waiting a few rounds.

Here goes the onride:


"Grand Canyon Bahn" was an realy painful experience but somehow it was worth it. You left it pleasured without figuring out how this ride did this.


I thought those videos would fit the mood of the thread and let my drwon in memories a little D: Enjoy watching!

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^ Interesting post. totally jealous of your ride of Gebirgsbahn, Yes i'm a schwarzkopf fanboy :3 It's really cool how similar that ride was to Magic Mountain's Revolution. The trains and the track construction are so similar and while Revolution's trains got butchered, Gebirgsbahn kept it's two-point rolling stock.


The same trains that were on Revolution!

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WOW! There has been some great stuff posted while I have been busy running Cowabunga Bay. I haven't had much chance to get on the site as things have been busy (not complaining).


With the season winding down it is time to get ready for more from Shane's Amusement Attic and I have got some GREAT stuff coming up. So stay tuned, and feel free to keep the thread alive with your posts until I get back.




This is what we call a "teaser"


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