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I actually went to Magic World way back yonder when I was under 10. (That would've been over 20 years ago) There weren't any rides if I remember, just some kind of train that went along a rail like antique cars and went through a diorama type mountain.

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Here is a page from the Guiness Book of World's Records. Seems funny that the biggest coaster in the world was only was only 110' tall with a max drop of only 92'. Pretty mild by today's standards.


Congrats to the Screamin' Eagle for holding the World's Record!


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Here is a look at one of the stars of the motion picture, "Roller Coaster". The Rocket was featured in the opening sequence of the movie and later starred in a made for TV movie called, "The Death of Oceanview Park".


The quality of this post is lacking, but the information on this ride is exceptional. It sure looked like a terrific ride, unfortunately I never had the chance to ride it.


The Rocket







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The Rocket... Such a shame it went out the way it did- and it really DIDN'T want to go when it did-


For many years, three of the cars from the Rocket were stored outside Old Dominion University- A friend of mine showed them to me once, and it was -tragic- as they sat rotting away outside an old warehouse. The cars themselves were still in recognizable condition- and had it not been for the beehive that had formed inside one of them, I might have taken a much closer look. The running wheels and basic understructure of the cars were rusted out completely- and if I'd had more time (and money) I would have made an attempt to save them.


As far as I know, however, the cars (And the warehouses therein) were removed to make way for a basketball arena for Old Dominion back in the early part of the 2000s (I graduated from William and Mary just before they started construction there)- so I don't know if the cars themselves were saved. Sadly, though, I don't think they made it out alive.



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