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And they all said Cedar Point doesn't have trees ! LOL Of course that was 30 years ago, my how times have changed... Does anyone have anything on the Shoot the Rapids flumes ? They look pretty cool, and I must say I also miss the Mill Race flume in the front of the park. It was quite the quirky little ride and I think it would have coincided well with Raptor flying overhead!!

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I always liked that original logo for Cedar Point. Very nice and simple.


And a SHOUT OUT to the Balloon Girl!


Even a skeleton got credit ("Animation") in the past publicity, LOL.


And all those trees back then! Amazing...


Thanks for sharing this particular CP stuff, Shane. It's great.


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Wow, this was around the 1st time I went to Cedar Point! The memories! Those lines in the brochure are ridiculous. Now-a-days, that's the LAST thing a theme park wants people to see. LOL


I too, must give a shout out to the balloon girl.

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I too, must give a shout out to the balloon girl.


I will also give a "Hows It going?" to Cooper and Seat Caner in the (then) park's crafts area.


Which is a part of early theme parks I really enjoyed, that being a crafts section created to show mainly country-used skills, and were really some of the most amazing demo areas I had ever seen, lol.


Does Dollywood do a lot of those demos in themed areas, still - and are there other parks that still try to feature that as part of their "full park's experience?"


They can be really great ways to take a breather during a full day at a park.

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Eyerly Aircraft Company


Continuing on from my post last week (Venture Ride Mfg.) about funny old flats, I am looking back now at the generation of flat rides that were a little before my time. I come from the Pirate, Enterprise & Wave Swinger generation but these go way back even before those. Eyerly Aircraft Company from Salem, Oregon is the makers of these really old contraptions you see at some traditional parks but mostly fairs and carnivals.


They make such rides as the Loop-O-Plane, Rock-O-Plane, Roll-O-Plane, Sidewinder, Octopus, Spider, and Monster.


My parents took me to Lagoon in Salt Lake as a kid several times and every year I would try to be brave enough to ride the Hammer (Loop-O-Plane). They ended up taking the ride out before I actually ever rode it, but I did ride their Roll-O-Plane before they took it out and still ride the Rock-O-Plane every time I visit.


The Monster is one of my all time favorite flats. I used to ride it every time I went to Magic Mountain as the "Jolly Monster" I also never missed "Mo-Mo the Monster" at Six Flags over Georgia.


The Monster still hold up today against some of the bigger flats. My kids would rather ride the Monster over Max Air anyday!



































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Awesome posts! The CP one's were a trip down memory lane from my childhood, as were the "real" carnival flats.


I used to love the 'Octopus' as a kid and I still will hit up 'Monster' at CP when I am there...it was always one of my mother's favorite rides.


And who all agrees that 'Rock-O-Plane' is the coolest flat ride (and name) ever along with 'Zipper'?

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SFMM had one of the six-arm, four-car Monster rides at one time. The original one was called "Billy the Squid," and they got a different one later and called it "Jolly Monster." This was located right about where the giant GOLIATH letters are now at the entrance to that ride.


I usually took at least one ride on Billy the Squid/Jolly Monster during my visits. It was a lot of fun with some great airtime. The only downside was a horrendously long load/unload cycle.



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I remember posting a Photo TR from this carnival I went to last year and not knowing the name of the Octopus... cool. And the Rock-O-Plane of Doom... thanks for reminding me of that.


Oh, and now I remember puking on Monster at CP when I was four. It was one of the few things I remember about that trip, and I couldn't remember whether it was at Conneaut Lake or CP... the color of the cars triggered my memory for some reason. Lovely.

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my dad bought some mens colonge at circus world florida years ago and i was wondering if anyone knew of the name of it and if there is a similar product that smells like it?

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to me, this is the most amazing non-EPCOT thread ever.


does anyone know what most of those flatrides go for these days? I wonder if the prices have actually increased with inflation since the 70s.


I've always thought there was something "odd" about the Omni/CNN Center... I remember going when I was really young (well after the park closed) but the place had some sort of theme park vibe to it. And it still does--I couldn't quite put my finger on it but the World of Sid & Marty Krofft series was really illuminating...


The pictures of Cedar Point are amazing! so many trees!

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Von Roll Monorails - METRO


Well I am still so blown away by Magic Mountain! I can't believe that I stayed at the park from 9:00 in the morning until 9:30 at night. That is over 12 hours!!! 12 hours at Magic Mountain!!! And I enjoyed every minute of it. I am just so thrilled about the changes going on there. So thanks again to all those that made it possible and a special thanks to the management for doing such a great job and giving us our MAGIC Mountain back!


While at the Bash I noticed there was much interest in the Metro and if it would ever run again? Well we got the answer that pretty much seals its fate... "It does not meet todays codes" So as a tribute to the demise of the Metro I have dug up the brochure from the manufacturer for my next post.


I wonder if there was this much sorrow when the monorail at Carowinds was taken out?












The Metro at Magic Mountain

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Thanks for making me stay the extra hours into the night. I didn't get home until 11:30 but it was so worth it to get those night rides in on Revolution, Colossus, Ninja, Goliath & Scream. I haven't had that much fun at Magic Mountain in I don't know how long!


And RIP Psyclone, thanks for letting us slip by, we owe ya.


On another note, I am really glad to see Tim Burkhart in a position to do something about Magic Mountain. As an 18 year old ride attendant on the Sarajevo Bobsled, Tim was my supervisor. I remember once he pulled me aside and really gave it to me cause I was chewing gum on the job. He really cares about that park and has most of his life invested in it. I never forgot it and a warning to those of you chewing gum on the job....Spit it out or feel the wrath of Tim!

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my dad bought some mens colonge at circus world florida years ago and i was wondering if anyone knew of the name of it and if there is a similar product that smells like it?

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Von Roll Monorails - METRO



I wonder if there was this much sorrow when the monorail at Carowinds was taken out?




I miss the Carowinds monorail. It added a little something extra. I wonder how many know why it went all the way out of the park toward I-77? Well, because originally it was supposed to lead to a park hotel that was never built (much like the Disney World monorail goes through the Contemporary Resort).


Like the long-gone sky ride, it was the perfect attraction for older visitors and great for park photography. RIP.

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