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  1. I owe you a drunken night out Larry! What a great thread, I just got on board and am reading every word, but had to jump ahead and say kudos. This is so exciting and beyond amazing in this day and age. I can't wait to visit and support this project! I'll be dreaming of the Haunted House at Elitch's and the Funhouse at Lakeside tonight.
  2. No more Musical Circus!?!? Oh noes! But still a wonderful park. Glad you all had a great time, enjoying the updates, I can't believe I'm not there.
  3. You're Welcome Divv! It was a great night out and well worth the pain the next day. Great TR! No matter how long it takes you to put them up, please keep doing them. It always brings back such great memories. Have a BLAST in Japan!
  4. I'm just now getting caught up on all things TPR. E, I'm so upset that this is your takeaway from the day. I distinctly remember having a huge grin on my face and giving you and Robb a big Kudos and thumps up for this (even though I just couldn't do the spin and spew ride). I had no clue this was happening, and quite frankly, after the horrible "incident" I had with a couple of my tour mates, this moment completely washed that away and made me refocus on the amazing times I always have on the trips. I really hope you don't stop trying to surprise and delight, there's always some of us out there VERY appreciative of your efforts, but I can completely understand that after this experience you might decide to stick to the script. It truly was a grand highlight for me! Thank you.
  5. Colour me gutted I was not there to join in the festivities! So glad you all did this.
  6. Finally caught up with the TR Divv. Great stuff. The SCAD tower page was relentless. I'm still laughing.
  7. You must realize how furious I am I missed this! So glad you had a great time.
  8. When the narrator said "quiet, respectable bathhouses" it took me right out of the segment.
  9. Fabulous report Rich. I shall be better prepared for Boggle rematches in Scandi. Plus you'll need to reclaim your Metroid Pinball title.
  10. ^Would that be Mrs. Ford's resort of Ice Cream, Cake, and Pie? When I come out to the DESERT I'll be at Mr. Ketchum's Bed & (alcoholic) Beverage. All are welcome! Sorry Big Mike... Hope you're having fun at USH today.
  11. Where's the update? PS: I beat your high score on Metroid Pinball!
  12. Bob and Joey! Have Steve and I taught you nothing?! You were BOTH supposed to drink 11 beers, not share them. Jeeze... Looks like a grand time, sorry I missed it, but I had a beer drinking adventure in Hong Kong myself. So there! The suddenly fat face of Rich comment made me spit out my cereal. Good one Robb. And great to see panther Dave! Yay! Glad you all had a blast.
  13. Just getting caught up with your TR Chuck, awesome as always. The old prospector and the vampire comment and pic had me in tears of laughter!
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