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Some of these really old commercials are so cheesy they make me cringe. Even some of the Cedar Point commercials came with a slice of cheese. Ugh!


"Even some of the Cedar Point commercials...?" I would say ESPECIALLY the ones from Cedar Point. That one that almost looks an ad for Fright Nights is a full platter of cheese!


Did you notice in the tag the fine print that ticket prices were $14.95?! Its more than doubled in 20-some odd years.

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^It's no longer there.


It was taken out because there were some people crashing other bobsleighs and stoping halfway down the slide.


Shame because it was an awesome ride.


BTW, I guess that commercial was filmed when the park introduced like 10 rides in one year (back in 1989).

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Not terribly old but definately one of my all time favorite Disneyland commercials


Definitely one of my absolute Disney commercial favorites! And I had totally forgotten about it until I just played it here. A treat.


SPOILER ALERT (The YouTube vid is back one page, 63.)








The ending made me immediately laugh out loud. Caught me off. That was great, and a brilliant twist, even if you figured out what might be it's ending, lol.


Thanks for sharing it.

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Drop Zone


Of all the commercials I have in my collection this commercial for Drop Zone at Paramount's Carowinds is by far my favorite. I think it is very creative, funny, full of great lines and the guy that plays the part is perfect.


"Houston, we have a problem!"



"Thank you sir may I have another..."


Even though this commercial was filmed at Carowinds it also ran for the Drop Zones at Great America and Canada's Wonderland.

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Today you get two commercials, and the theme is "Mountains" first up...


Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Mountain Report"


This Mountain features the most challenging vertical drops and the fastest lifts in California...


Long underwear not required.


Disneyland's "Mountain Ranges"


Matterhorn Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain...



Conquer Southern California's most thrilling mountain range!

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