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^ It's not my point of view, it's the parks. And I'm not the expert, but I am talking directly with the people who are. I do not know the codes that have changed, but next time we hold an event with a Q&A session at Magic Mountain please ask that question.


Like I said, I too would love to see it re-open or at least be replaced with another transportation type system. I think the park would like to see that too.


But in the short term, it would appear that money is going to be allocated to several other areas that will also help improve guest satisfaction. New restrooms, building repairs, paint jobs, midway resurfacing, and yes, maybe a new attraction.


My guess is that if there is a plan that includes a new monorail or a new transportation type system, it will come towards the end of these other repairs because they could get a LOT of infrastructure and refurbishments done all over the park for the cost of one monorail.


Just look at the park today versus a year ago. And like Jay, Neal, and Mark Shapiro have been saying for a while "these things all take time...please be patient."



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That's the optimistic Robb I always read in your posts


I have seen the changes and yes I do want the money spent to fix up the whole place. Parts of the park are really starting to like nice again, it's refreshing.


Guest satisfaction is important, I'm glad the new boys got that message. As I read thru the various threads on TPR, it is clear that adults want something like a monorail or a train, for rest, relaxation and transportation. And like Walt knew, adults bring the kiddies and the $$$!


Thanks for offering to ask about the codes at your next Q & A. I'm already writing the boys at SFMM a letter to see if they'll give me an answer. I don't think I will get an answer, but maybe they'll send me some discount coupons!

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B&M the early years


Well I am back from my spring break trip to San Antonio and all I can say is...Why are there not more Morgan Coasters???


I loved the Steel Eel.


Anyways I wanted to do a quick update since it has been awhile so here is something from the early years of B&M. The first brochure is before they started manufacturing coasters and just did design and parts. There are some interesting designs for a flat ride and a coaster layout showing interlocking loops.





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Yay, I finally get to see how the box track is fabricated Looks like B&M made more than just roller coasters but I'm glad they're now focusing on their talent (steel roller coasters) than on their non-talent (wooden coaster trains [Psyclone]).


So B&M made the original bobsled trains for Intamin rides it seems. The more you know.

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So B&M made the original bobsled trains for Intamin rides it seems. The more you know.


B&M made the bobsleds for the second generation Bobsled, or the Cedar Point version. The boblsleds featured side by side seating instead of inline seating. I believe the bobsleds were also used on the Rolling Thunder ride at Six Flags Great America, but I could be wrong on that

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Morgan Manufacturing


Now here is a post that is appropriate for April Fools day. While I absolutely LOVE Morgan Coasters I can't exactly say the same for the trains.


I recently took a trip to San Antonio for Spring Break, it was my first visit to Sea World, and the Steel Eel was by far my favorite coaster on the trip (which also included Fiesta Texas). It was just pure roller coaster bliss.


Unfortunately many a great wooden rides have been ruined by running Morgan Trains on them.


So while I sing the praises of the Steel Morgan Coaster I cringe at the thought of riding Morgan on Wood.


Happy April Fools Day! This is the perfect day to celebrate the Morgan Train and how proudly it runs on rides like CGA's Grizzly!

PS- My second favorite ride of the trip was Road Runner Express, that ride kicked ass!


Touring the Basement of the Alamo, can you say AH-DOH-BEE?


Fiesta Texas


My new Number 1 San Antonio, TX coaster





A match made in Coaster Hell. Morgan trains on the Grizzly

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I wondered if it was the trains or the track that sucked on Grizzly, but I guess it was both


I wish I had relatives/parents who would go and ride/seek out roller coasters with me. I've been to Texas so many times. I've been near Fiesta Texas and saw Astro World (when it was there) and actually went to Six Flags Over Texas but that's it! I never got to ride Steel Eel or Great White. But my parents were all too happy to go to the Alamo when I'd rather go on Steel Eel

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Park TV Commercials


So lets have some fun in April...Do you love park commercials? I do, that is why I spent several hours suffering through shitcoms like Family Matters, Step by Step, Full House and others to record theme park commercials. I have gathered the ones I was able to collect over the years and have transfered them to digital.


For the next 30+ days I am going to post a new "old" park commercial everyday, so check back often to see some of the greats that introducerides like "The Iron Dragon", Knott's Wacky Soap Box Racers and SFMM's "Flashback"(Could I actually be in love with a roller coaster?).


I have quite a random collection from parks like Disneyland to Ocean Park, there is even one from Dogpatch USA. Now please beware that some of them are missing the first or last couple of seconds, I did the best I could with the equipment I had back in the days.


I always love to see what the parks come up with each year, these commercials ought to take you back...


Lets start off with one of my all time favorites...


- SFMM's Psyclone - The Ultimate Mindbender

- Magnum XL-200 Get to the PO!NT

- MGM Grand Adventures on page 57

- THUNDER RUN only at the Kingdom

- Indiana Jone's Adventure - Now your fears have a name!

- Knott's Silver Bullet on page 58

- Cedar Point - Thunder Canyon - Demon Drop on page 58

- Knott's - take a "wacky" ride to Catnip Junction

- Silver Dollar City - Lost River of the Ozarks

- The Beast on page 59

- Six Flags is building a BETTER mountain at Magic Mountain

- Enchanted Forest - The Playland of Indiana Dunes

- Worlds of Fun "Break Away"

- Tibidabo (Spain) TV commercial

- Sidewinder coiled and ready to STRIKE at Hersheypark

- Flashback - Six Flags Magic Mountain

- Disneyland - Halloween on page 63

- Cedar Point - The cure for the Summertime Blues

- Sesame Place - Sesame Island

- Drop Zone - "16th floor: lingerie and power tools."

- Six Flags Magic Moutain's - Mountain Report

- Disneyland's - "Magic Mountains"

- Ocean Park - Hong Kong

- Linnanmaki - Finland

- Kings Island - "Do It All"

- Canada's Wonderland - "Wonderland's the One"

- Busch Gardens "The Old Country" on page 65

- Busch Gardens "Questor"

- Six Flags Great America "Power Dive"

- Six Flags Great America "Twicket"

- Silver Dollar City

- Dogpatch USA featuring "BOZO"

- Six Flags "a dogs view"

- Six Flags - Mc Donald's commercial

- Darien Lake "summer goes fast"

- Bob Lo Island "Lets twist again...like we did last summer"

- Kentucky Kingdom "Ride for Hours"

- SFMM Psyclone - part 2

- Six Flags is building a better Mountain - Part 2

- Cedar Point "The Amazement Park" part 2

- The Iron Dragon "the ONLY coaster that can FLY"

- Knott's "Country Ho-Down"

- Knott's "Snoopy's American Celebration"

- Six Flags over Georgia "Viper"

- Six Flags over Texas "Let Us Take You Away"

- Story Land "Hooray"

- Wonderland Park

- Geauga Lake "Where is everyone?"

- Frontier City "the Wild Cat"

- Toon Town

- Disneyland "A whole new world"

- Six Flags Magic Mountain or Disneyland?

- Elitch Gardens radio spot

- Starburst featuring "Mountain Express"

- Canada's Wonderland

- Worlds of Fun featuring Conway Twitty's shorts

- GTE phonebook featuring "Pysclone"

- Elitch Gardens "100 years Worth of Fun"

- DisneyWorld

- Six Flags "Australia" ?????

- Anheuser Busch Theme Parks

- The Beach waterpark

- WaterWorld "Lost River of the Phaorohs"

- Water Country USA

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Ahahahahaha, gotta love those cutting edge commercials!!!! It should have read "Take the journey.......of PAIN!!!" I hope they didn't spend too much money for advertising for that wonderful ride!

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Even though the ride didn't live up to all the hype you have to give the commercial credit. It really is creative and captures the images that the name "Psyclone" (one of my all-time favorite coaster names!) brings to mind.

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Even though the ride didn't live up to all the hype you have to give the commercial credit. It really is creative and captures the images that the name "Psyclone" (one of my all-time favorite coaster names!) brings to mind.


Yes, and with proper trains (how could B&M have gone so wrong with that rolling stock?) and a little tweaking (tame those bloody over-banked turns!), it could've been a good ride. Oh, well ...



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