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Food from TPR Japan 2007


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I love going to places and trying the local cuisine. Japan did not disappoint. I had a number of good meals there. One of the best parts is there is no tipping. Right Jeff?

One night six of us were having dinner. The restaurant was was in one of those narrow buildings and was on 4 floors. We were seated on the 3rd floor. We all had a number of dishes and we just divides up the bill based on what we thought we owed. We had around 400 yen extra, The waitress wasn't around so we made a dash for the stairs. Which was just across from our table. Jeff Johnson was the slow poke and the last one. When she say us leaving she quickly fanned out the money, saw that we over paid and was able to grab Jeff before he got to far down the stairs. Pulled him back up the stairs and gave him the change.


I love Japan!


Until next time!


My final dinner in Japan.


fast food wrap, not bad



Food from DisneySea.


Creme Brulee that was not very good :(



From Tokyo Disneyland. I wonder what the BB stands for? Jahan do you know?


and the desserts to go with it


This was from a buffet


This reminded me of some one


Check out the view. We were 51 floors up!


Not sure what this was


Snow cone with ice cream, yummy


wrap your own sushi




Shrimp appetizer


Almost normal Western breakfast


More bowl of something


Dessert, one of those is Lou's, honest


A shaved ice with fruit on top


This was one of the best dinners. The bacon wraped cheese was great.


with melon soda


Snack one day


You can get meat on a stick at about any 7-11 or A.M. P.M.


They do have familiar stuff too!


Had this for breakfast several time. I do not recommend the curry donuts


A lot of meals were bowls of noodles with stuff in them

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Awesome PTR. I didn't take a lot of pics of my food, so it's cool to see that someone else did. I too miss Mr. Donut and Japan McDonalds (trust me, the US version SUCKS when compare to how good they are in Japan!), as well as the random curry places. Most nights I'd get something from the train station and take it back to my hotel room for consumption.


I have to say the couple of times I got sushi I was sort of disappointed. Not bad, but really nothing better than I can get in a grocery store here. I really thought I'd find some amazing sushi, but it never happened. Ah well, there is always next time...



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I have no clue what the name of the building is but it is in Nagoya over the train station.

It was kind of weird. They had this bar and dessert place on the top floor with this great view at night but they kept the lights on. They should have lowered the light level to make it easir to enjoy the view. The other crazy thing was they closed at like 10:00 and when they close, they want you out so we had to leave.

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I gained 5 pounds on the trip but I'm not a picky eater. At the very least you could survive on fast food. The McDonalds and other fast food places have much better food then here. A lot of the hotels serve a Western style breakfast too.

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Here's some of my favorites from the trip. Us Japan folks were lucky; we were "forced" to eat Korean food during the add-on. I did not complain since I'm not a picky eater--SPAM and raw fish is in my diet.


Squid or octupus balls (Takoyaki)!! Yummy!


My favorite vendor drink, Royal Milk Tea.

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  • 7 years later...

BUMPED this, because I just revisited the thread again, and remember how

THIS thread alone, made me so "homesick" for Japan. And that was at the

time, only after one visit there. Since then, I returned two more times. And

another couple of visits are in the works, as TDLR expands itself, more or less.



And again for remembering all of this, Bob. Japan food is awesome in all it's franchise and non- forms.


A Japanese bowl meal of which I cannot remember what was IN it ~ and BEER!

I loved Japanese theme parks. This was at Nagashima Spaland. (2007)

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I would love to go to Japan to check out the cuisine alone!


I really enjoyed a lot of the food in South Korea, although the rubbery squid in one of the soups was a bit strange and the Kimchi was hit and miss. I think the best Kimchi that I got on the trip was on the airplane in business class...the ramen was quite tasty as well.

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