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Djurs Sommerland Discussion Thread

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This thing looks SO good. The colors, the layout, the Intamin lol. Who would've thought a "family" coaster would be more exciting than most other 2017 additions.

Honestly, I'm not sure I really consider this a family coaster anymore. It may not have any actual inversions, but this thing is slightly taller, faster and longer than Nemesis Inferno. It's even about the same height off the ground as Piraten (30 meters)!

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I couldn't resist it, but that aerial shot of Piraten, made me WANT IT as my current screen saver.


It takes the place of "Piraten With Snow", that I had up for the winter.


Love this shot! And... My Very First Mega Lite, too. (in a 2009 trip there)

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This looks awesome. I really enjoyed the family invert at Farup Sommerland and this looks like its going to be even better than that. Good job Djurs Sommerland. Really looking forward to riding this when I go back.

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^ I agree! I immediately thought there could be some of kind of bin

in between the seats, to put all the personal stuff, etc. And easy to open

and shut, and STAY SHUT, too. (Maybe an "auto lock" with the bins.)


Just a suggestion.

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