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just got home from the Colts game. I got some pictures I will upload on Wednesday. I was inside the ring they had to keep most of the photographers out of.


I have been waiting for a Colts/Saints match up all season.


I love the fact that everyone said Baltimore would run all over the Colts and we shut them down and they only got 89 yards on the ground.


Then the Jets came in, they said that Revis would shut down Wayne or whoever he was on. And that JEts would run over the Colts, and they only ran for 86 yards.


The #1 defense in the NFL allowed over 400 yards. And the worst run defense in the league shut down the Jets.

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Favre didn't lose the game. A coin flip did.

I didn't watch the game, but didn't he throw a pick late in the game when in field-goal territory?


I'd like to say I was right about Favre collapsing today like he normally does in the playoffs, but he didn't really do *too* bad. Of course now is when Scott comes back and makes me eat my words about not liking teams resting platers (as an aside, how do you think the Colts who have felt if the Jets beat them today, after the Colts let them in the playoffs?)


I don't know who will win and won't bother with a prediction, but I'm rooting for the Saints. Its nice to see a new team when they aren't playing your favorite team

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Minnesota's fumbles were probably more costly than Favre's INT. With that being said that was probably the worst decision anyone could make in that given time frame. Throw the ball away and give your kicker at least a shot. Unfortunately that is what people will remember about this game is that throw.

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Then the Jets came in, they said that Revis would shut down Wayne or whoever he was on. And that JEts would run over the Colts, and they only ran for 86 yards.


Um, Revis did shut down Wayne. He had 55 yards.


Please stop with the fanboyism.

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Yeah, it's kind of unfortunate that the interception will stand out. Yes, it was a bonehead decision (he knows this), but Harvin's fumble put the Saints on the doorstep for their last TD, and the "too many men in the huddle" penalty was unforgivable by a professional team in that circumstance.


Joe, they were in range, but it was far from a gimme. The penalty is what really broke their backs. I'm blaming the offensive coordinator for suddenly growing a vagina after that big Taylor run.


His off-season BS really irritated me, but given his age, and the absolute beatdown he took all game, that was one gutsy and impressive performance by Brett.


Oh, and by the way, who's to say he wouldn't have atoned for that mistake had he been able to touch the ball in OT? Thanks, NFL.


I'm rooting for the Saints. Shockey and Wayne have a ring already. Vilma needs one now.

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Minnesota had the ball for nearly 37 minutes, compared to the Saints having it for just under 28 minutes, overtime included. If having it for almost 14 more minutes in regulation wasn't enough, what's to make us believe that having it again in overtime would have changed the result? Chances are just as good, if not better, that they'd have just turned the ball over yet again.


Favre's interception near the end of regulation wasn't all that did them in, but it was the exclamation point on an overall choke job of a game by Minnesota. They gave it away over and over. The fact that they were still in position to win toward the end is actually pretty amazing in itself.


Minnesota has had plenty of great teams that just never got it done when it mattered most. This year's edition just adds to that legacy of futility. Sad, but true.

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I'm blaming the offensive coordinator for suddenly growing a vagina after that big Taylor run.

great way to put it!


Vilma needs one now.

Totally. We were listening to the game on the radio on the way home yesterday, its insane how many times his named was called. Must have been a hell of a game for the dude. MVP of the game for sure

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The Fumbles KILLED the Vikings ... but if the saints would have just fallen on all of them instead of trying to pick them up and run with them (ie: Be a hero) then the game would have probably been over MUCH sooner.


That's the FIRST THING you learn on day-1 of Pop-Warner football ... if there is a fumble FALL ON IT. Don't try and pick it up and run.


Favre played a good game and if you look at the stats for Minnesota (without the turnovers) you would have thought they won. New Orleans offense wasn't playing great, and IMO they were being WAY too safe in the 2nd half. Not sure why.


I'm really looking forward to the Super Bowl, I think it should be a good game. Honestly, I'll be happy with either team winning, but I think the Colts are going to win.

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No NFL Experience this year....


The NFL football experience is the most exciting continuous event surrounding Superbowl® XLIV - an interactive theme park offering interactive games, displays and entertainment attractions.

After 18 years, the NFL Experience will not be held in 2010. (AP photo) The NFL has decided to cancel the NFL Experience and Card Show for Super Bowl XLIV in South Florida, according to an official with the league. The league plans for the events to return in some fashion in 2011 when the Super Bowl is played in the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium. Last year’s NFL Experience in Tampa was the 18th year that the event had been held. The event included several interactive activities, corporate booths, autograph guests and entertainment acts for the weekend surrounding the big game.


So on top of Below average bowl the week before the SB instead of the week after. The NFL has gotten rid of the one event anyone can do at the SB.


Also heard that the PB is moving back to Hawaii again next year. Guess Hawaii wanted to play tough and try to get something more out of the NFL and when the NFL didn't play and moved it, Hawaii decided to give in.


I'll be happy with either team winning, but I think the Colts are going to win.


Myself also. I would love for the Colts to win since they are my team. But I love the town of New Orleans, so a Saints win isn't that bad for me either. My only pet peeve so far I have had is when the media goes, "Saints were a team team with no home and no hope after Katrina". I understand that NO is still recovering from Katrina, but that was 5 years ago. I think some media will pick the Saints to win only because of Katrina.....

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^ And that is the reason I don't listen to have the media types. So called "experts", (I'm looking at you Merrill Hodge) have no clue what they are talking about.


With that said, I'm still picking the Saints. No offense spaceace, I just think their screen game is a good way to offset the quickness of the Colts front 4. It could backfire too.


This is definitely the best teams from each conference, it should be a good one.

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^^ Yeah, that really sucks about not having the NFL Experience. I went to two of those when the Super Bowl was in Miami, and had a GREAT time at both. I never really cared about going to the actual game, but my friends and I always really enjoyed that event.


I'm not quite sure I understand that move. If I were still living there, I'd be pissed.

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Finally uploaded some photos from my cell phone from the AFC Championship game. I would have had my point and shoot, but I couldn't find it before I left.


Like all the games I worked, they always feed us. That day they had an omelet chef. I ate myself silly before because I figured the food after wouldn't be that good.


Bad picture of me.


This is the Jets punter, Steve Weatherford. He graduated from Terre Haute North in 2001, I graduated from Terre Haute South in 2001. Pretty cool that a person from my home town is in the NFL, let alone the AFC Championship game.



Foreigner was the halftime entertainment.


Skip forward to the after the game. Pierre GArcon and the haiti flag. Pierre has family in Haiti. He heard they were safe the week before the game.


Pierre had an awesome game. Not too bad for a psuedo Rookie (his second year, but first as a starter).


Edgerin James was the honorary captain for the Colts and presented the Lamar Hunt trophy to the Colts.


Peyton in the AFC Champs shirt.




Jim Irsay with the trophy. Three years ago I was at the RCA dome when Irsay said, "One more mission, Mission Miami".


More Confetti.


Mike Hart hugging a team mate. I believe this is Mike Harts first SB appearance.


Jim Sorgi and his son.




Me and Curtis Painter


Colts Win/ We're going to Miami.

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I actually have nothing against Indy, and they're my second favorite AFC team, but I also like the Saints (they're my favorite NFC team) I feel they deserve it because it's such a great story and all the things they've been through, I'd love to see Drew Brees win a Super Bowl, but if they don't win, I guarantee you they will be called one of the best teams to NOT win a Super Bowl. If their defense can stop Indy's passing game, and their offense does really well, then New Orleans can win this game, and the same goes for the Colts. No matter what, I'll be happy with whoever wins, I just prefer the Saints.

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