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Conference championship weekend is set!


The Colts will host the Jets in a week 16 rematch. This was the infamous Colts resting starters and resulted in the Jets winning and getting into the playoffs after the Bengals sucked it up in week 17. I will be working this game. LAst AFC Championship game I worked....the Colts won and won the Super Bowl. I sense an omen.


In the NFC, it is the big one that I been waiting for the whole season. The Saints will host the Vikings. Will Brees light up the Vikings and will bad Favre return? Or will both QB's be on fire and will it come down to the defense?


The NFC game is on Fox on Sunday at 6:30pm while the AFC game is on CBS at 3pm.



In other news, Bears defensive end Gaines Adams died in South Carolina of cardiac arrest.


RIP Gaines.

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Pro Bowl, how about average bowl.


List of QB's pulled out so far:

* Tom Brady

* Phillip Rivers

Both those due to injuries. Matt Schuab and Vince Young will replace them. Nothing taking away from those two, but they weren't nominated.


Also, LArry Fitzgerald has also withdrawn.


When the Colts win that will take out Manning, Wayne, Clark and a few others. If Vikings win, that will take out 8 more players. If Saints win, probably about 6.

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Does anyone still watch the Pro Bowl?


That is why they moved it from after the Super Bowl to the week before. They are trying to get some kind of interest in it. BTW, Ben Rothlisberger (not even close) pulled himself today because of his bum shoulder. I don't get the nominations and votes if the SB teams are exempt anyway. It is all just plain stupid to me!

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Everyone's gonna pull themselves. The Super Bowl teams obviously won't be represented, and that could be the 2 starting quarterbacks.


good job, NFL.


Look, the pro bowl doesn't matter, so you may as well keep it after the super bowl so at least the great players from that season will play.

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The reason the dome was so loud was the size of it, it was very small. That is one thing I miss about the dome. Lucas Oil Stadium does get loud, but not as loud as the dome.


Of course it is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop when the Colts offense is on the field.


Can't wait for Sunday, I will be at the game. Last time I worked the AFC Championship game, the Colts won. The SB was in Miami that year, like it is this year. There is many more omen's about Sunday's game. I seriously can't wait.

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