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I don't think any team can stop Indy's passing. Raven's thought they could. They couldn't. Jets had the #1 defense in the league. Colts had over 400 yards total for the game. It isn't the fact that other teams couldn't shut down some players, because they could. But if it isn't a play action pass. The Colts RB is possibly on the line and there is 5 receivers on the field. Other teams can shut down one, but no one has been able to shut down all 5. Prime example. The Jets. Revis was able to hold Wayne to 80 some yards, but Clark, Collie, Garcon, and Addai made up for that.


Colts no huddle offense wears down a defense fast. And Peyton can catch the other team at subbing. If you don't get off the field fast enough and Peyton sees it, he will snap it for an easy 5 yards.


The way I see the SB this year is a shoot out. It will go 1st team scores, other team matches and comes down to the final possesion. Or it will be a blow out by the Colts.

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^ That has been discussed previously. It is an attempt to get more viewers and interest.


It's still going to be an epic failure. What fun is a football where the players don't want to hit each other and can't blitz?

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Then the Jets came in, they said that Revis would shut down Wayne or whoever he was on. And that JEts would run over the Colts, and they only ran for 86 yards.


Revis was able to hold Wayne to 80 some yards, but Clark, Collie, Garcon, and Addai made up for that.


Colts Running: 101 yards (Avg Rush 4.2 yards - 17 yards cams on one carry).

Jets Running: 86 yards (Avg Rush 3.0 yards)


Colts Passing: 377

Jets Passing: 388


Once again, Reggie Wayne - 55 yards total.


That was a game the Colts should have lost. The Jets played to lose in the second half.


I have one pet peeve in sports. It's unadulterated fanboyism.

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Despite his over-religious personality, I think he was always a class act and went out on top unlike SOME players. I don't think there is ANY chance he pulls a Favre and comes back.


IMO, a for sure 1st ballot hall of famer.




Couldn't have been said it any better!

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^ Classic example of a company producing a commercial for the Super Bowl, with no intentions of it ever being aired. They knew that had no shot at being put on. They just wanted it to get them some attention. I mean, how much did that commercial cost to put together? It was definitely inexpensive. They probably don't have anything near $2.5 million for a 30 second spot.

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