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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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When it comes to B&M's, I haven't been on many, but I think for the most part they are very comfortable. The only one I don't like is Vortex at CGA. It is B&M's second coaster, after Iron Wolf, and it is very rough. I can't ride it anymore because it hurts my ears too much. However, Top Gun (Flight Deck) is probably the smoothest coaster I've ever ridden, and it's really thrilling. I know I've ridden Medusa at SFDK, but I don't really remember it that much, so it must have been pretty "meh." B&M rides have a spectrum of good, bad, and ugly (I'm talking to you Vortex), but I think they are mostly good.

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Scream! at SFMM has a nasty vibration at the bottom of the first drop and heading up into the loop. However, I've heard that a track piece was dropped during construction, and it got dinged just enough to cause that.


That could just be a rumor, though.



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Looks like Canada's Wonderland has started changing their ride names and now we have another Flight Deck.


Drop Zone--- Drop Tower

Top Gun--- Flight Deck

Cliffhanger--- Riptide

The Italian Job: Stunt Track--- The Italian Job

Tomb Raider: The Ride--- Time Warp

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I think the smoothest B&M i had ever been on was Silver Bullet when it first opened, but that was overshadowed by Tatsu a couple years after.


I think reliability and smoothness get confused on B&M's. They're pretty darn reliable, but the smoothness is hit and miss. Riding a B&M today that was built during the 90's can be pretty rough. But getting on Tatsu almost 2 years later still provides the same smooth (but even more intense) ride.


I imagine because this is a sit down coaster with no need for OTSR's, it will be about as smooth as any other recent B&M installation. Especially when it opens.

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^Every B&M that I've been on that has trim brakes, have not been used.


Now of course I don't know about everyone else, maybe they've ridden a B&M where the trims do kill the ride.


But my experience on B&M's leads me to believe unless there's some huge forces at the top of those hills, the trims might not even be necessary.

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